Thursday, November 5, 2015

Exercising my franchise and mom's sudden discomfort.

The day had begun with pouring rain and we'd decided earlier to go and cast our votes in the nearby polling booth, at the Little Flower College, by 7 AM. Accordingly, Lekha's assistant was requested to get the vehicle along with her so that she could accompany them, help my mom disembark/embark from the vehicle and cast her vote too. I'd walked across and cast my vote, the second time in my life, as they waited for their conveyance. Mom and Lekha had gone on my return and came back soon after, as the people in the queue were less and the queue was just beginning to lengthen.

I must admit that all the three of us were excited but mom had an extra edge and she was up around 5, though we'd agreed to get up at a half past 5. The voting arrangements at the booth were excellent and the electronic voting machine worked bang on. I'm saying this because a few of the machines of the booths in the neighbourhood had glitches and are going for repoll tomorrow.

It was a holiday and though the voting process continued all through the day, it was peaceful and quiet. As people have been saying, this is the semi-final, the final is coming in shortly....six months later, Kerala will go to polls for the Assembly elections!

The afternoon was quiet and in the evening, I'd taken mom out for her customary walk in the courtyard. We'd our usual conversation and after the walk, she'd settled on her favourite chair to recite her prayers. As I was going for my walk, I found that she was missing from her seat as she was lying on bed complaining of a heavy stomach and weakness. After my walk, I'd got a bottle of the ayurvedic 'chooran' which she used on such occasions and gave her a spoonful. Minutes later, she'd begun to throw up and it seemed to be never ending. Lekha and me were required to do quite a few rounds of cleaning and changing of mom's clothes. She refused dinner and had gone to sleep in the bedroom at the ground floor. To cater for her requirements at night, I too am preparing to sleep on a sofa in the adjacent sitting room.


Baby chechi and her daughter had called up to thank me, yet again, for the hospital vigil before they caught the night train, back to Thiruvananthapuram.

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