Monday, November 23, 2015

The first yield of bananas.

The first bunch of bananas from our backyard is ready for consumption. Portions of it were passed on to Pushpaakaran, the farm hand who'd planted the sapling about five months back, Preetha, Lekha's assistant, who'd nurtured it all along and to the three houses in the neighbourhood. Luckily for us, it was a large bunch making the wide distribution, that we'd thought of, possible.

The second bunch is getting ready and should be ready for consumption by the end of this month. It sure gives a thrill to have fruits and vegetables that are home grown and totally free of pesticides.

     *                                *                                  *

Though mom has recovered from her recent discomfort, her appetite is not as what I'd like it to be. Though people have been trying to comfort me by saying that lesser intake means lesser problems, I'm not convinced. The review with her doctor is due within the next fortnight and I hope that things would get back to normal without much ado.

     *                                *                                  *

It's also been six months after Lekha's surgery. The next review with her doctor is also to be done within this week. There shall be a lot many visits to the hospital for tests and collation of the comprehensive set of results for both mom and Lekha. The medical reviews need to be put behind us before we embark on our two journeys - to Thiruvananthapuram and to Pune - slated for next month.

     *                               *                                  *

This evening's rains were heavy and long drawn. My customary walk was the consequent casualty. The electricity supply was erratic and we'd to opt for an early pipe down because the television wasn't available. Lekha and her assistant had been working hard and tying up loose ends for the past so many days to put up a good show tomorrow. Mom has also been monitoring the activities and I could see the thrill in her. The result was that it did give me a great high.


Before wishing mom a good night, she beckons me and tells, "You must wake me up at 5 tomorrow so that I can wish you a happy birthday and be the first one to do so." What more does one want in life?


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