Monday, November 16, 2015

Finally, mom is normal again.

After a tough week behind her, mom was back to her normal self. The results of the culture done on her urine sample suggested continuation of the same antibiotic for the coming three weeks. "It's a mild antibiotic that can be administered over long periods. There's no cause for worry as this episode was that of an indigestion," said the doctor. I'd gone to meet him around a half past 12 as per his advice on Friday.

Parking was a difficult proposition at that time with a heavy influx of vehicles in the hospital premises. The normally unflappable, Padmanabhan, who regulates the 'in' and 'out' traffic looked harried and gave me an apologetic smile as he guided me out of the hospital for parking the vehicle outside.

Shiji, my LO, took me through the maze of procedures in a jiffy and I was able to get off from there within half an hour.

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Tomorrow is the first of the Malayalam month of Vrishchikom. It marks the beginning of the Sabarimala pilgrimage that will stretch to the 14th of January, next year. The high decibel 'saranam calls' of the devotees, a continuous stream of vehicles - big and small - carrying millions of pilgrims will pass through this temple town as each of them makes a quick 'darshan' of the god here before fetching up at the shrine at Sabarimala and after, as dictated by custom. The black/saffron dhoti clad pilgrims will out populate the local population during the period.

It's my fond hope that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained all around and the waste management system works like clock work. The newly constituted office bearers of the municipality - post elections - would be looking forward to grab the chance of showing their efficiency.

I, too, will be a strict vegetarian for the next couple of months, no, not out of any religious fervor but to satisfy myself that I can abstain from the good things of life. I shall, however, not be doing the actual trip to Sabarimala.

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Saeed Jaffrey, one of the first Indian actors who proved his worth in both the Hindi movies and the international movies passed into the mist of time, yesterday. He was 86 and his end had come in London. I can never forget his 'Lallan paanwala' of Chushme Buddoor.

RIP, sir! They don't make them actors like you anymore! My prayers and tears.


The presence of the north east monsoon was felt all through the day by the overcast sky but it never rained at all! Perhaps, it will, at night.  

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