Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On becoming a senior citizen.

It's my 60th birthday today. I'd tried to keep the celebrations low key but my mom, Lekha and her assistant would hear nothing from me. They'd, accordingly, planned a get together and had invited a small knot of people from the near vicinity, for lunch.

Lekha was the first to wish, followed by mom. The gifts, the calls and the messages followed in a continuous trickle, all through the day. Maman and his son fetched up at a half past 6, from Thiruvananthapuram, as their train was an hour late. Meanwhile, I'd set off for my customary walk. The day was bright and sunny with no hint of a rain. After a wash and change, the three of us - maman, Manu and me - had gone to the Guruvayur temple. Since we're ushered in through the short cut, we could return after the 'darshan' within about an hour.

It's nice to spend time with the small bunch of friends who'd come by. Much to my thrill, more gifts had followed and meanwhile, the phone did keep me busy. The Narayanans brought me the Upanishads, which I thought was imaginative and would be of a great help in my quest about life, though if anyone gets the impression that I was giving up worldly pleasures in search of spirituality, that would be far from the reality.

      *                                         *                                              *

I did a quiet audit of my life, thus far, but must admit that I could not reach any definitive conclusions. I suppose it's for the people who know me to say more on it. As far as I know, I've lived a life without compromising on my principles which I hold dear.

      *                                         *                                              *

Does being a senior citizen thrill me? No, if one is looking at the privileges and the financial perks, say like buying tickets for a journey at half the rate for example. Those are trivia and one can't afford to dwell upon them. The respect and love that must come from the others will be based on my behaviour, the manner in which I put across to the others - I've no doubts on that score!

       *                                        *                                              *

So, what's my over riding wish on the occasion? To be happy and to enjoy every moment of life. I hope that I'll have the companionship of all that I treasure having as relatives and friends! Their longevity is an important aspect which sadly, one hasn't any control upon!!


I shall pursue the work in hand vigorously to achieve the goals set. To stay healthy without having to be dependent on another is the transition through life at various stages, the aches and the pains notwithstanding!!  


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