Sunday, November 15, 2015

The terrorists are still at it.

The ghastly attacks on the people of France by the members of the IS has been roundly condemned by all across the world. While the governments the world over look upon terrorism as the biggest scourge of the time, a concerted action plan to deal with further acts is awaiting formulation. It's still mind boggling to accept the fact that there are human beings who've no qualms of conscience to kill their unsuspecting and innocent brethren.

The momentary feeling of unlimited power while mowing down unarmed and soft targets, the lure of the promised life of extravagance in the heavens upon embracing death or the feeling of tremendous achievement, through such dastardly acts, in an otherwise unsuccessful life could be a few of the motivating factors for a hard core terrorist. But don't they undergo pangs of guilt after their crimes, I wonder?

Is wanton destruction of the entire lot, the only solution? Can't they be indoctrinated to become normal human beings or are they simply beyond redemption?

Meanwhile, I say my prayers for those innocent victims of the carnage in Paris last week. RIP. May your near and dear ones have the strength to tide over these trying times.  

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