Saturday, November 14, 2015

The antidote has arrived!

My sister had called up in the morning to say that she was coming to Guruvayur and had already boarded the bus but asked me not to tell mom so that she could give her a surprise, on arrival. So, I kept stock of the time and waited for her to fetch up at our door which she eventually did, around lunchtime. The driver of the bus took his own time to cover the distance, it seems.

The moment my mom sighted her, the expression that was writ large on her face was definitely, the Kodak moment of the day and I knew that her medical discomfort of the past week was receding. Well, it's an antidote that was more than welcome.

        *                                        *                                              *

Much earlier in the day, around a quarter past 2 in the night, I'd gone to drop our friend at the railway station. The roads were quiet and the traffic few and far between. The drive up and down didn't take more than a half hour and I'd quickly resumed my sleep.

At the station, I met Lekha's previous assistant, Sathi Amma, who was bound for the Shri Chithira Thirunal hospital at Thiruvananthapuram where she was scheduled to undergo extensive medical investigations to ascertain the reasons for her getting anaemic. She definitely looked weak from the long period of hospitalisation and was accompanied by her daughter and son-in-law.

Was she following her husband, the late Dharmettan, by contracting the same deadly ailment? Hope not, anyways we'll come to know about it by next week. I'd promised her that I'd be monitoring the entire range of proceedings while supplementing with our prayers for her early recovery. In return, she gave me a dazzling smile before she'd turned towards the platform for boarding the train.

       *                                           *                                              *

The elderly couple of our neighbourhood, dropped by after sighting my sister in the courtyard, trying to lap up the latest issue of a popular magazine while I was walking my mom in the evening. Their light hearted banter saw my mom getting excited and participating in the conversation!


A quiet day on the whole! 

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