Sunday, November 29, 2015

Caught unawares

1. It was an early morning and my train, the "Garib Rath', left Kochuveli 10' past the scheduled departure time. The sloth and the inefficiency of the railways was in full view with the train having many unscheduled halts enroute. The height of it was a 15' wait at the outer of Chengannur station, followed by another 15' within the station and mind you there were no trains that we crossed nor were there any to overtake.

2. Apologists might say that there was the track doubling work that was going on in full swing. Even that statement had no locus standi because the work was going on at an odd place, with much reduced workforce and that too with the main line being untouched and free for traffic.

3. I'd told mom and Lekha that I'd be reaching home by lunchtime but could fetch up, finally, over an hour late! One has been hearing a lot about the changes for the better and the far reaching initiatives of the rail minister, Suresh Prabhu, but much more needs to be done for the consequent benefits to be felt by the average rail commuter. There were a number of guests who'd dropped by at our place during the period and I did not get a chance to meet most of them, thanks to my late arrival.

4. The evening walk was done at a brisk pace. I must say that by doing so, I was punishing myself to release the pent up frustration of having wasted away time for no rhyme or reason!


* Tomorrow's gonna be an early one as I'm taking mom to her doctor, at Ernakulam, for the review.
* And a lot of personal work to catch up with.

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