Friday, November 20, 2015

Providence? Luck? That was the only script.....

1. Providence? Luck? That was her life's script......

In the recent Paris terror attacks, the story about a woman who escaped sure death is doing the rounds. A cctv footage captures a gunman, wielding an AK 47, opening fire on a pizzeria. Starting off shooting from across the road, he's seen to suddenly approach the door of the restaurant and raise his rifle at a woman to shoot her at point blank range. His gun appears to jam at that point and he flees into a waiting vehicle.......

For the woman, what was it? Providence, Luck or God's direct intervention?.....The arguments can be a plenty. But the fact is that it was her life's script and her end was not scheduled to take place then. Period!

2. The Helplessness of Democracy.....

Nitish Kumar has been sworn in as the CM of Bihar for the third time. His electoral victory scripted along with Laloo Prasad Yadav has, however, lost much of its sheen because of the following:-

      (a) It gives the impression that Laloo is ruling the state through two of his sons, inducted into
           the cabinet. Isn't merit required?
      (b) Both are fist time MLAs and usually, they bide for time to gain experience in statecraft and
            are then made ministers. For Laloo's children, that essential prerequisite has been thrown to
            the wind. Tejaswi Yadav has been made the Deputy CM along with the portfolios of Road
            and Building Construction while Tej Pratap Yadav has been given the portfolio of Health.
      (c) Do these people have the common man's interests in mind? How can a family rule so
      (d) The entire set of political parties seem to endorse this arrangement in the name of 'the
            combination to thwart the divisive agenda of the BJP' and call themselves the
      (e) Can only laugh at what Nitish Kumar has brought upon himself and feel pity on the people
            of Bihar!


Interesting happenings. Terrorism seems to be spreading. The ability in tackling it effectively should be the concerted aim of every government.

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