Friday, November 6, 2015

What's he trying to hide his face for?

1. MK Nazar, the alleged mastermind behind the savage attack on Prof. TJ Joseph, when his palm was chopped off for asking a question, in the examination question paper, about the Prophet in Jul '10, surrendered before the NIA court today. As he was being taken away by the police, he tried desperately a lot many avoiding tactics, like looking away from the camera and trying to cover his face with his hands etc.


2. He's been absconding for the past five years. He's the third accused in the case on the following counts:-
    (a) Deputed two other accused to prepare the sketch to the professor's house.
    (b) Provided weapons, explosives and mobile phones to the assailants.
    (c) Co-ordinated the attack and
    (d) Harboured several of the accused after the attack.

3. He has asked for bail on the grounds that he has been falsely implicated and the NIA has still not been able to prove his involvement.
4. I can never forget the smiling faces on the 13 convicted by the NIA Special Court, where 10 were awarded 8 years' imprisonment while the remaining got two years' imprisonment for helping them.

5. The questions that I'd like to ask Nazar are:-
    (a) If you're innocent why did you abscond after the crime?
    (b) If you're innocent why did you've to obscure your face while under police custody, all through

6. It's my firm opinion that the practice of taking the accused, with their faces covered, by the police should cease unless and until the case requires a future identification parade in the course of the investigation! Their mugshots in full view of the general public, through the media, should be their first bitter taste against their wrongdoing.


And why did the authors, the film fraternity, the social activists etc keep mum on the issue? Why're you so selective in giving back your awards? Or shorn of all the niceties, are you shamelessly showing off your political leanings?


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