Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Bihar Results.

(a)This is what democracy is all about. The electorate teaches a lesson or two to erring political leaders! The BJP is reduced to a poor 3rd, way behind Laloo's RJD and Nitish's JD(U).
(b)This is a thoroughbred mallu's cynical thinking, you might say, but a thought all the same.

Let me recap the chronology of events leading to the electoral results:-

1. Threatened by the increasing popularity of the Prime Minister, everyone had ganged up against him - to form the formidable 'maha gathbandhan' - in the run up to the elections.
2. A series of events - were they impromptu actions or was there a deep rooted conspiracy? - that took place in the course of the five phases of election in the state, crystallised the anger against the BJP among the general public that was gonna impinge on the election outcome. Let me go through them quickly:-

     (a) The long drawn strike by the students of Pune's FTII, against Gajendra Chauhan's appointment
           as its head, showing the union government's mulishness and its eagerness to position people
           of its choice, irrespective of merit.
     (b) The government had angered the military veterans on the OROP issue.
     (c) The lynching of Mohammed Iqlakh in Dadri (Normally quick on the draw on the twitter, the 
           PM's silence was deafening). Safety and security of the people is a state subject but the
           Akhilesh government was not even questioned for its inaction!
     (d) Two dalit children burnt alive in Faridabad. Minister VK Singh's obnoxious retort on the
           incident was inexcusable!
     (e) Blackening of Sudheendra Kulkarni's face on the Kasuri book launch issue, though
           orchestrated by the Shiv Sena, impacted the BJP.
     (f) The Kerala House beef check up by the Delhi Police added insult to the injury. Intolerance
           of speech/action and food habits became raging subjects of discussion almost everywhere.
     (g)  Return of the Sahitya Akademy awards by writers and artistes - phase I.
     (h)  Moody's - the institution that classifies countries according to the prevalent business climate
           within them - questions India's intolerance factor, as whipped up by the media.
     (j)   BJP's seniors like Arun Shourie, Ram Jethmalani and Shatrughan Sinha speak against Modi
            and his team. Not to be left behind, their motormouth MPs, Sangeet Som, Yogi Adityanath,
            Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Praachi etc went shrill with their vituperative statements.
     (k) The RSS leader's statement regarding a relook at the existing reservations came around this
     (l)  Return of awards by writers and artistes - phase II.

3. To add to it, the BJP's election rhetoric was negative and vacillating from development, to anti-cow slaughter, to reservations, etc, etc.

What the results mean for the PM?

     (a) His efforts at reforms are gonna get stalled in Parliament with the result that he'll end up
           with being 'all talk and no action', with no credit for his good work. The opposition seems
           to be clear about him not getting another term in the centre!
     (b) Seeing the electoral results of the Panchayat Elections in Kerala and the Assembly Elections
           in Bihar, the BJP will have to face the combined onslaught of the opposition which has
           turned out to be a winning option.
     (c) And despite all his good work, he has let down the people on two counts:-
                   (i) Not putting Rs.15 lakhs into everyone's personal account after getting back all the
                        black money stashed abroad.
                  (ii) No concrete action against the UPA government's numerous misdemeanour and
                        misappropriations heaped on Sonia Gandhi and her children.


Have the people of Bihar done the right thing for themselves knowing that Laloo and Nitish can't function together ever? The fissures will soon start to show. Or is it that the people of Bihar will be the ones that will laugh last and best when Nitish's JDU(U) and the BJP get back to sharing power ultimately?....In politics, anything is possible!


I'm still of the firm opinion that Modi can deliver and lead us to prosperity as he's a tireless worker and has seemingly, no personal requirement. All he needs to do is to crack the whip on the motormouths of his party and kick out the deadwood from his team. And he'd better do that fast. We don't want to be divided into beef eaters and non beef eaters and we don't support anyone's narrow interpretation of Hindutva! 

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