Saturday, October 31, 2015

The reluctant messiah.

For a change, I was earlier than usual and was ready for taking on the day. Earlier, the crisp morning air gulped in during the customar ywalk had invigorated me as I went about doing the morning chores. We're expecting my cousin, Malu and Rajish to drop by as it was their wedding anniversary because they made it a point to visit the temple and then look us up as a part of the celebrations(?)

And then the calls came. Omana chechi, all of 69 years and the late Santhan kochachan's sister currently on a prayer visit at Guruvayur, had suddenly fallen ill and was admitted at the hospital nearby. Could I make it to the the earliest........please? Actually, my cellphone was erratic - it has this way of misbehaving at the most inappropriate time - and it was Lekha who'd given me the frantic message from my 'toothy' and cousin from Thiruvananthapuram.

I was at the hospital within no time as the traffic wasn't obtrusive. I'd met the people at the front desk and told them about my close relative at their Trauma Ward/Casualty, directing them to provide every possible help and the best cover possible. I could take the freedom on two counts viz.:-

      (a) the proprietor of the hospital was my neighbour and a good friend.
      (b) Most of the nursing staff were familiar because they've visited my house many a time to draw
            and collect blood samples of Lekha and my mom. Their smiling visage lightened the tension

I saw Baby chechi beside Omana chechi who was being given infusions intravenously and saw their worried looks metamorphose to relief with voltaic smiles, on sighting me. After gleaning the sequence of events from them, I understood from the doctor-in-attendance that Omana chechi's sugar levels had dipped dangerously low which had resulted in her blackout. She was diabetic and has had similar episodes earlier too, it transpired. The doctor had assured us that she'd be discharged after the second bottle of saline was safely inside her.

Once things were ascertained to be under control, it was time to call up the toothy, Lekha and the others to give them a debrief. All except for Lekha were profusely thankful for what I'd done but I still maintain that I hadn't done, out of the way. Upon discharge, I'd dropped the two ladies at the western entrance of the temple for their subsequent schedule of routine. The doctor has referred Omana chechi to her doctor for further investigations.

Calls started pouring in and my cellphone had suddenly become active. It was relief and gratitude at the other end and I'd to don the mantle of the messiah, albeit reluctantly..


1. Malu, Rajish and his mom dropped in by teatime. Her baby bump is visible, the d-day being sometime in the third week of March.

2. And a nice quote that I'd come by,
       "If your views are positive, you'll love the world
         But if your words are positive, the world will love you."


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