Thursday, October 8, 2015

Where's the logic?

Am reacting to a couple of the latest news bytes that do not seem to have any logic behind them. Or is it that I'm missing out on the larger picture? Or am I old fashioned in my thoughts? Let me, however, put across my points of view.

 (a) Women Fighter Pilots in the IAF.

       The Chief of the Air Staff has announced that we're soon gonna have women flying the fighter
        jets. What was the sudden requirement of such an induction?

        There's a lot of sense in the argument that there's no problem in women being inducted into the
        armed forces but the feeling is strong, among the majority, that they should not be inducted for
        combat. To explain this argument, let me cite a scenario, "within the start of the hostilities 
        between the two countries, six IAF jets had taken off from one of our forward bases on a 
        mission, deep within the enemy's airspace. While they were successful in carrying out their 
        aim, one of the aircraft commanded by a woman pilot was shot down by the enemy. Stories
        about the inhuman treatment meted out to her and the final arrival in India of her badly                       mutilated body, were all over the media."
        If the IAF inducts women into its fighter stream, then, both the Army and the Navy will have to
        follow suit in inducting women into their combat arms. Post induction and in times of war, there
        would be images of badly wounded women, with parts of their anatomy on display that would 
        not only be disgusting but also painful to view.

       To my mind, therefore, these steps must only be attempted when the unlikely situation is
        reached where fresh volunteers are hard to come by from their male counterparts.  

  (b) No Ghulam Ali in Bombay.

        Strong reactions against having a concert by the famed Pakistani ghazal singer in Bombay by
        the Shiv Sena has brought about the cancellation of the show. The youth wing of the Shiv Sena
        has made a paradoxical statement to the effect, "we're admirers of Pakistani ghazal maestro
        Ghulam Ali and listen to his music, but we cannot permit his concert here because of the 
        killings sponsored by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists on our borders."

        The youth telling this? Sad! The West Bengal and the Delhi governments have, meanwhile,
        expressed their willingness to host the maestro. Thank God for minor mercies!


Michel Platini, one of the greatest footballers of all times, was my favourite. His name, linked to the sleaze in FIFA, has been a real jolt. I'd this romantic idea that a good sportsman can never, ever be corrupt and it's that concept that has taken the hit. And I suppose that question has become frighteningly voluble, "Everyone has a price..........what's yours?"

I never knew that Platini's was so low! Sad!! 

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