Friday, October 16, 2015

Those who live in glass houses............

"Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones", so goes the saying. Similarly, people holding high positions in society have the responsibility of showing decorum and be correct in all their dealings while being at public places and functions. But unfortunately, of late, many such worthies tend to forget the limits and the propriety expected of them. I'm just touching upon a few incidents that happened in recent days which highlight the sad phenomena:-

 1. The Speaker's Faux Pas.

      Mr. Sakthan, the Speaker of the Kerala Assembly, got into an unnecessary controversy when his
      driver was caught on camera putting on the straps of his sandals after he'd come out of a paddy
      field, where he'd joined the others in the inauguration of a harvest programme. As the media
      spread the misdemeanour, the Speaker had explained at a hastily called press conference that
      he's grievously ill and has been medically advised not to bend. His driver, who's his own relative,
      had taken upon himself to help him out at similar occasions!

      Rightfully, he should have piped down after that because he didn't have the guts to accept his
      mistake. But what he did after that was even crazier! He shows everyone at another public
      function, an archival photograph of a minister of the previous LDF government being helped
      with his footwear.

      What was he trying to convey? Was he justifying his unjustifiable action?

 2. The Uplokayukta's Cup of Woes.

     The incident, being narrated, is from the proceedings of the infamous 'Bar Case' before the Lok
     Ayukta. The Uplokayukta was reacting to many of the records not being presented to him and
     in a fit of anguish had queried as to whether such a treatment was being meted out to him because
     they thought him to be from the SC/ST?

     Realising that he'd stirred a hornet's nest, he was quick to clarify that he did not mean to hurt
     the sentiments of the SC/ST and had never meant to insult them.

     Another case of uttering things without realising the complications that can arise! The friction
     between the Lokayukta and the Uplokayukta has been an ongoing one and has been the cause
     of this avoidable incident!

 3. The Haryana Chief Minister's Opinion that was Avoidable.

     The Haryana Chief Minister's statement, "Muslims can continue to live in this country but they
     will have to give up eating beef because cow is an article of faith here", has not only landed him
     in a controversy but also put the BJP into a tight spot.

     Why can't this guy concentrate on providing good governance to his people and the state rather
     than wasting time on non issues?


Most of today's leaders are small men with big egos!

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