Friday, October 2, 2015

The Munnar conundrum and the beef muddle.

1. Revisiting Munnar.

    It's getting more and more like a ridiculous pantomime. I mean, the psychological games being           played out between the 'Pembilai Orumai' and the trade unions, on the hill slopes of Munnar. After
    the misstep, the women power has been trying to regroup but has met with impediments - their
    own men, owing allegiance to their trade unions, have passed 'diktats' to the families that they
    should refrain from joining up with the women power.

    That the Pembilai Orumai has been able to stand their ground - despite reduced strength - shows
     that they've been able to capture the imagination of a wide range of people. It's my fond hope that
     in this eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation, the women power is able to make their detractors blink

     Meanwhile, what's the managements' stand? I'm covering the entire range of hill side plantations,
     in other words, the entire plantation sector. Is the demand for Rs.500/-, as minimum wages, a tall
     order and unimplementable while catering for their share of profits? It's because no such game can
     end unless it's a win-win situation for all the parties, in the end.

     Why do I've this sneaky feeling that the demand of Rs.500/-, as minimum wages, has been
     suggested by the trade unions despite being aware of the fact that it's unrealistic and unreasonable?

2. The beef muddle in the village of UP.

     Without anyone accepting his role in the lynching of Iqlakh, questions and counter questions
     are being hurled from all the sides and the weirdest of them has been from the chief minister of
     UP. He has dared the union government to stop exporting beef. But is he unmindful of the fact
     that the beef that we export is only the meat of buffaloes and goats?

     Is it, therefore, a misinformation campaign?


Contradictions galore............!

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