Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Getting things started all over again.

Raj Nivas is slowly thrumming back to activity. This time the kitchen has been activated from the evening we'd arrived. The water tank, atop the chimney has sprung a leak that is yet to be sorted since it hasn't become a major  problem as yet but the plumber has been assigned the task of relocation with a new tank.

The geyser, in my mom's bathroom has a faulty power socket which needs to be replaced. However, Shaji, the electrician though good - hardworking during working hours is generally pissed out of his mind during non-working hours! He's yet to find time for us. Probably, for him, the work is inadequate or he's too goddamn busy. Similarly, I'd gone to the nearby telephone exchange and lodged a complained regarding the faulty landline but nothing had happened till about 10, this morning, when the lineman had come by and rectified the defect.

The cable TV was another bugbear. Last time, we'd got a tree chopped off whose roots had begun to crack up the ornamental boundary wall. In the process of its felling, the cable TV line was snapped requiring the visit of its technicians. Manoj, the proprietor, despite his assurances has not come by till now. I'd this feeling that he felt at odds to make us shell out three grand for a new set-top box for its revival, backed up with a monthly fee of Rs.200/- for the services was being fair! Hence he took the next easy step - stay away from me! Anyways, today that problem was licked after we took a DTH connection instead much to the thrill of my niece!!

Pramod, an advocate who's into building three bedroom houses @ Rs.20 lakhs, using locally available resources, had dropped by. I've an idea to start up a cottage industry to provide employment to a few people. The outline of a smallish factory that will house the machinery with amenities for the workers, a storehouse and office space has been handed over to him for estimating the costs.

A coconut sapling has been bought for planting tomorrow in dad's memory, beside the mango and jackfruit saplings planted recently.

Durga Prasad-Deepti and a few others dropped by in the course of the day.


Yet another quiet and uneventful day!

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