Monday, October 19, 2015

A trip down memory lane.

The day was bright, warm and gummy. I'd washed down the Chevy as part of my morning chores. My sister, Rema and Padmakumar who're at Pidavoor yesterday dropped by at 8. Mom was ready and excited about meeting dad's family, many of whom we'd not met for quite a while. While the ladies went in a car, earmarked for them, Padmakumar and I clambered on to a bus and were entertained by the highly watchable Malayalam movie, Bhaskar, the rascal - the first half that is!

The venue was full of relatives from my dad's side. Let me recall the relations that I'd the privilege of meeting:-

  (a) Varadamma appachi - dad's youngest sister and younger to mom by two years. At 78, she looked
                                            more fragile than what I'd seen of her last, about six months back. But
                                            more agile than mom.
  (b) Rukmini appachi      - related through Unni chettan's dad. She used to come home during the
                                            hols and always made it a point to interact with us. She's in her early
                                            70s, continues to smile and has promised to visit us at Guruvayur!
  (c) Leela chittamma       - again related through Unnichettan's dad and possesses a winsome grace.
                                            In her mid 70s, she did express her angst that we do not call on her
                                            whenever I drive past her house!
  (d) Thankappan Pillai
        chettan                      - was the station master of the Kuri Halt Railway Station when mom was
                                            the post mistress of the Kuri PO. Despite being in his 70s, he's sharp
                                            and agile. Possesses that easy smile without reservations even to this day!
                                            His name is prefixed with 'Poovakkaatte', which is the name of his house.
  (e) Indira chechi             - my elder cousin who cups her mouth while she speaks - to quote her -
                                            "My unwieldy dentures, you see." Her son, Arun and she made a popular
  (f) Sasi Pillai                  - he used to be my dad's understudy and looked after the entire range of the
                                           farming activities of the family. Now looks after all the ceremonies on
                                           behalf of the Nair Service Society.

Durga Prasad and Deepti looked radiant and happy. Here's me wishing you a long and happy married life, once again. May you get whatever you wish for.


1. Rema and Padmakumar had peeled off soon after the wedding, for Palakkad. By the time we're back at home it was a half past 2. Mom was pleased, meeting very many people after a long time.

2. Maman had come by about 2030h and we dropped on the newlyweds. He was the last of the family to fetch up but timely and appropriate!


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