Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Foundation on its way to UP.

Three topics that are current being discussed.

1. PN Panicker Foundation to UP.

After initiating the drive for bringing about 100% e-literacy in Kerala, the PN Panicker Foundation has been sought by the government of Uttar Pradesh to provide leadership to a similar drive in that state. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the concerned parties at Lucknow, towards the beginning of this week.

As part of the first phase of the project, 100 panchayats will be short listed where the e-literacy training will be imparted. The Foundation's expertise - gained from its experience in implementing the programme in Kerala - would be an added advantage for the speedy execution of the project. This is for the first time that the Foundation would be extending its footprint outside Kerala.

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2. Pachayat Elections in Kerala.

With the withdrawal of nomination papers to be completed by tomorrow, the fight for the panchayats, municipalities and corporations between the political parties is gonna get into top gear by the beginning of next week. It's gonna be a hard campaign, especially with the three fronts trying to show their prowess at the hustings.

The amusing part towards the run up was the government - state election commission mismatch regarding the conduct of the elections within the 01 Dec deadline on account of the delineation/revamping of the panchayats/municipalities/corporations and the LDF was quick to announce that it would go in for a state wide agitation in case of a delay. There was even a rumour being pushed that the state's election commissioner had left leanings! Well, as we see now, all those slanging matches were of no consequence as the elections are being conducted on schedule. Oommen Chandy and his government have the last laugh on this too!

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3. China's Activities on the River Brahmaputra.

China has operationalised the Zangmu dam - a gravity dam - on the middle reaches of the River Brahmaputra in the Tibet Autonomous Region. It will generate 510 MW of electricity. Three more dams have been cleared for construction viz. :-

             (a) At Dagu, 18 km upstream of the Zangmu that will generate 640 MW of electricity.
             (b) At Jiacha and
             (c) At Jiexu. The two latter ones are of smaller capacities.

India, has been concerned because the damming of the waters of the river will affect the people living on its banks in the downstream. China has, however, all along been maintaining that the dams are 'run of the river' projects for generating power and it will not divert the river waters!


It's said that the future wars will be fought between nations for water and in that context, China building a series of dams on the Brahmaputra has to be viewed with all seriousness regarding the ramifications!


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