Sunday, October 18, 2015

At my dad's place.

I'd called up mom and Lekha at 5. The morning chores were gone through and we could finally leave 'The Quarterdeck' by about 0730h. The Sunday morning traffic was sparse and we reached our first stop for breakfast by a half past 8. Resuming the journey, we could pass through the usual choke points of Aluva, Idappalli and Vyttila without much of a wait.

The stop at our usual lunch joint was slightly earlier than normal but Mathew was there at the porch with a welcome smile. As I drove into the porch, I could see him literally shooing away a guest from parking his vehicle at the porch so that I could slot in! Damn sweet of him!! In the course of the lunch, I could see the 'shooed guest' inquire as to who I was.

Mathew must have given an inflated account because while I was helping my mom back into the car, the gentleman and his wife gave us their best smile! We reciprocated to that in equal measure and my mom gave them a high five before we drove off from the spacious compound of the restaurant. We passed through the point, where I was literally waylaid last time because I happened to touch the rear view mirror of a parked car on the roadside. I could only push those harsh thoughts away and wearily whiz past through that point.

We reached Lekha's ancestral house and met her dad, uncle and aunt, her elder sister and Murukesan. It was a pleasure to meet up with Murukesan's mom and interact with her. She's a positively oriented lady despite her numerous medical problems.

We're finally at Raj Nivas much before sunset. Settling down didn't take much time and as is my custom, spoke to dad at his cremation spot. I'd kept him informed of my programme for the week and I could feel a gentle breeze blow past me. I reckon that it's my dad's way of telling me that he was glad to see me again!

A few guests had trickled by to see mom and I'd made the customary visit to my cousin's to see the progress of the wedding preparations.


1. Drove a total distance of over 300 kms but the drive was nice and hassle free.
2. I'd gone across to Unni chettan's house for the customary call on the eve of the wedding. Came across a sizeable crowd and it was a pleasure meeting up with people. Quite a sentimental journey, it was!         

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