Saturday, October 17, 2015

A surprise visit!

Radhan chettan and Sathi chechi were the surprise visitors this evening.

I'd returned from outside and finished shutting down the windows of the house in preparation to our week long sojourn at my dad's place. We're taking off tomorrow by 0730h after the newspaper boy delivers ours - he's promised to come by that time.

I'd begun to walk my mom out in the courtyard, which is the usual evening routine. It was then that their auto rickshaw had fetched up and I watched my mom. Her face had lit up on seeing them. Chechi's opening statement, "Now I understand as to why everyone is saying that you're the one spoiling your mom. She can walk by herself, don't hold her hand!" Saying that, she'd taken over my mom's charge and sure enough, my mom really required no help.

Chettan had the urge to meet mom and they'd dropped by. Their chemistry is fantastic. After sitting with us for about half an hour, they'd taken leave.

      *                                    *                                         *

The walk was businesslike as usual. Lekha was busy with the packing, ticking off the points on her slop chit systematically. Meanwhile, my sister had called up to say that they'd boarded the train. They'd also join up with us for the wedding on the 19th. Rajamma appachi - dad's sister immediately younger to him and who was extremely fond of him - would be happy, wherever she is that we're making it to her grandson's wedding.


The evening was comparatively an early one because tomorrow's gonna be a long day!

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