Sunday, October 11, 2015

A youngster brought up with the right values.

The other day, it was the turn of the rep from the pest control to pay his usual quarterly visit. The office had informed that their service engineer would report by 1100 hrs on the appointed day. Accordingly, we'd got our act together earlier so that he did not have any impediments while he got on with his work.

It was pouring around that time, but at a 5 to 11 he'd given me a call announcing his arrival at our gate. Without much ado, I'd taken him around the house so that he got an idea of the layout and the scope of his work. The spraying can was filled with the medicine and he went about his task almost immediately thereafter. I'd accompanied him on his trail helping clear the draperies so that he could spray the medicine into each and every conceivable space and the corners. The kitchen was deliberately left for the last as lunch was being prepared.

The outer side of the house was given a protective spray with another variety of medicine - a bit stronger on potency, than the earlier one, and it had a faint, pungent smell. The spray catered for the ants in particular because that's the area that  needed maximum attention. Then he went about applying a gel at several vantage points to cater for the roaches. Having finished that round, he went on to tackle the kitchen and its adjunct, the work area.

By the time he'd finished with his work, it was lunchtime and after an elaborate wash, he quietly sat at a corner of the entrance to have his food. Our offer to have his lunch at the dining table or augmentation with what the kitchen had to offer were politely declined by him but he'd accepted a banana that I thrust into his hands along with a couple of toffees, much to our relief!

Prabeesh, all of 31 yrs, possesses a cheerful countenance and is dedicated and methodical in his work. There was an overall genuineness about his personality. As he was leaving, he insisted on bidding farewell to my mom and Lekha, which was actually not incumbent on him in the course of his work.
As he closed the gate and moved away, I was convinced that he'd be yet another member of my core team involved in the e-literacy programme of the Foundation. I'd broached the topic - while he was doing his work - with him and he'd expressed his inclination to join me.

Do well Prabeesh and may God be with you in all your endeavour. Here's wishing that you get whatever you wish for! Take care!!


He lives with his wife and mother towards the outskirts of Thrissur town. His wife has had a miscarriage on the 6th month and is now, a month pregnant. I congratulate his parents for having brought up a wonderful son. He has two sisters, both older than him and married.    

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