Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The act of returning awards..........

One continues to read about the returning of their awards by the literati and during the last ten days, it has been in droves. They seem to be outraged by the silence of the Sahitya Academy over the assassinations of writers like Kalburgi, Pansare etc for their stand on societal issues. While trying to decipher the sphinx like attitude of the Academy and appreciating the stand of the literati on behalf of their fellow writers, a doubt creeps into a complete outsider - like me, for instance - as to whether there's something more to it. I mean the timing and the reasons that many espouse, just don't seem to tally.

The fundamental question is that if they've been anguished - for genuine reasons - then what were they doing when things had gone wrong earlier? Why didn't their conscience prick them then? Or is it because they have an aversion towards the new leader and his government? And the protest has been fuelled by their political affiliations?

And now coming to the specific act of returning an award. I suppose everyone of them has returned the attendant prize money, too, along with the statuette/certificate or whatever. And since the awards are that of the government's, as per law, the accrued interest on the prize money is also returnable. If this salient aspect has been missed out, for whatever reasons, the return of the prize by all the worthies has no meaning except for the momentary exposure under the spotlight. Shorn of all the niceties, the morality of their act comes under scrutiny.

And I'm waiting for that extraordinary meeting of the Sahitya Academy, scheduled during the last week of this month, where something meaningful will emerge!

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And today, we come to witness the ignominy of the four ruffian Shiv Sainiks - who'd blackened Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni's face yesterday - being felicitated by the Sena leadership. What's the message that they're trying to convey? That their writ runs - notwithstanding the unlawfulness - with the entire state machinery standing to impotent inaction?

And it's day 2.....there has still not been any condemnation of the unfortunate incident from any quarter. What a shame?


The rains, in the evening, were harsh accompanied by lightning and thunder. The power interruption was for about 21/2 hours which was mercifully restored!


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