Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A hotchpotch of activities.

The morning walk was pleasant and the air had a fresh, crisp feel after the light rains at night. I was back in time to help Lekha with her 'aarathi' of Ganesh and Guruvayurappan, after which the lamp was carried into each and every room of the house - a ritual that's followed every Wednesday to invoke the Gods' blessings!

          *                                *                                 *

Lekha's dentist had given her an appointment at 1500h but advanced it soon after, to 1330h. I'd called up our customary 'saarthi', George who was on another task and suggested an alternate viz. Sankaran. It was when we're going towards the dental care that it dawned upon me that it was Sankaran, who'd initially directed me to George because he happened to be busy, then. There was no looking back from then on and George has been the preferred guy all this while. After our interaction, why did I get the impression that Sankaran was eager to take us for the drive and make up for the lost opportunities? .........We're at the dentist's at the appointed hour.

          *                                *                                 *

We'd sought the appointment with a particular dentist who'd worked on Lekha's dentures in the fall of '11, who usually visited the Thrissur chapter every Tuesday. Due to some unavoidable reasons, he could not make it yesterday and had retained his planned schedule, taking on a few additional cases for today which led to a total bunt of the aspect of time. As we entered the main foyer, a patient's attendant was chaffing at the receptionist about them having waited from 1130h onward and instructing her that the appointments must be adhered to both in letter and spirit! It definitely did dampen our enthusiasm!!

Lekha could finally get on the dentist's chair by 1530h with the good doctor apologising profusely. As he worked on her dentures, he talked to me(I sat on an adjacent chair with the Superintendent of the clinic hanging on to every word of ours! He has become my friend, too, in the bargain!!) about his movement from Chertalla - his base - to Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram to Thrissur every week and about some of the very interesting developments in the field of dentistry where new responsibilities have been added on, that earlier came under different specialists! A dedicated and simple man, we saw him take off in an auto rickshaw to board a train bound for Kochi, where a patient of his had come all the way from Canada to be reviewed by him!

           *                                 *                                    *

Sankaran, after dropping me at the service station, had returned to drop Lekha at home. Earlier in the day, an electricity board rep had come and told me that we'd to pay arrears of Rs.73/- over and above the bimonthly bill that I'd paid online just the other day. Neither he nor the lady sitting at the billing section of the board office could give a satisfactory explanation for the difference. Lekha had also paid out our neighbour's owing, on her return.

           *                                 *                                     *

I got our Chevy - after its 5th year service - by about 1730h  and it was a crazy return drive through pouring rain. The car was smoother still and a treat to drive with the change of oils and filters!

The evening walk had to be called off because of the rains and it was a quiet evening thereafter!


Spent a delightful hour and a half - 'happy hours' - at my neighbour's during which we exchanged notes and laughed our guts out over trivia.     

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