Tuesday, October 6, 2015

To eat or not to eat beef.

I've been alarmed by the following happenings over the week that has just passed:-

  (a) A gentleman was lynched to death on the presumption that the family had slaughtered a cow
        and the meat was stored in his house. The son, who happened to be in the house with him was             badly mauled and is slowly recouping in a hospital nearby. The women were disrespected                   and threatened by the angry mob. He has, incidentally, two other characteristics viz.
          (i) he's a Muslim and
         (ii) another son of his serves in the Indian Air Force.

  (b) A lot many politicians have since been descending on the hapless family with a view to publicise
        the issue, in a warped manner, to gain political mileage! The hate speeches by the guys have
        gone beyond decency and propriety.

  (c) In neighbourhood Bihar, where election rallies are on, certain politicians have even demarcated
        people as beefeaters and non beefeaters!

  (d) We export beef(Buffalo and goat's meat only. Cow's meat is a strict no, no!) to foreign countries          to earn the much needed foreign exchange!

I must make myself very clear on this issue. Since childhood, in our joint family household, we're never served beef and mind you, no particular reason was given as to why it was avoided. I, my sisters and my cousins thought it to be one of those things and never questioned my grandparents, parents or other elders as to why some of our neighbours ate beef, the underlying sentiment being that each and everyone of us had the freedom to choose what we ate! 

And extrapolating on the issue, as I grew up and participated in a number of debates and elocution competitions in school and the Academy, I was a strong votary for disposing off uncared and underfed cattle, meandering through busy thoroughfares, posing a threat to themselves and the whizzing motorists. I, however, continued to be the non beef consumer, a covenant that I've preserved of my upbringing!

To the question as to whether I've consumed beef, thus far, I'd be lying if I were to say that I haven't because I've had it on occasions like:-

    (a) at clubs, outside eateries along with my friends.
    (b) at many of my friends' houses.

And I must admit two things, the first that it tastes good and second, I'd no qualms of conscience after the consumption of having strayed away from my covenant.

However, beef continues to be avoided within my house but I've no opposition to anyone having it because it's that individual's choice and I respect that!  

My take.

The purpose of my dwelling on the topic at length is to emphasise that we're wasting our time and energy on a non-issue, resulting in bringing about unnecessary fissures in society. Our aim is to see our country develop and become one of the major players in the world, in which every individual has freedom in every sense of the term, as assured by our Constitution! A few narrow minded people, with a distorted and their own view of Hindutva cannot upset the apple cart!!


There are so many things that need to be fixed/corrected in our environment before we embark on the sure path to prosperity. Let's concentrate on those issues, please!

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