Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Space week.

The week encompassing 04 to 10 Oct is celebrated, the world over, as the space week.

Do the dates have any significance?

Yes, they do as many of the important space related activities have taken place within these dates. Let's have a peek:-

      04 Oct '57                USSR had sent the first man made satellite, 'Sputnik' up into space. This
                                       date, therefore, marks the birth of the Space Age.

      10 Oct '67                Consequent to the Sputnik's foray into space, the US and the then, USSR
                                       had embarked on a space race where manned vehicles were sent up, and a
                                       deadly arsenal of missiles was built up by both the sides. The madness had
                                       to stop and it was on this date, that the two superpowers signed the  
                                       historical agreement to ban nuclear weapons in space and to use space for
                                       peaceful purposes only!
                                      128 countries are signatories to this agreement. It was in '99 that the UN
                                      decided to celebrate this week as the Space Week.

A few interesting information about space:-

      (a) Our heights increase by about 5 cm, while in space. Why? The Backbone stretches because 
            of the absence of the earth's gravitational pull!

      (b) From where does 'space' actually begin in the sky? The area beyond 100 km above sea level
            marked by the imaginary line called the 'Karman Line', named after Theodore Karman,
            a Hungarian-American engineer and physicist. In other words, this line separates the
            earth's atmosphere from space!

      (c) Two pieces of a metal, while in space, fuses to become a single piece by the process called
            'Cold welding/vacuum fusion'. This is because the atoms of the metal lose the power to 
            differentiate as to which piece they belong to and joins up if kept together!


The vastness of space and its 'orderly disorderliness' makes me believe in God!


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