Thursday, October 1, 2015

Interesting political alignments in Kerala.

The BJP and the SNDP(Sree Narayana Dharma Paripaalanam) moving to form a third alliance in the state, for the panchayat elections that are to take place next month, throws up interesting possibilities. The alliance is almost there after the formal meeting between Mr.Vellappally Natesan, the President of the outfit and PM Narendra Modi, brokered by Amit Shah. Only a formal announcement is all that is remaining.

The decision to form a third front, in Kerala, has been brought about by the following factors:-

   (a) BJP's desire of gaining a footprint in the state as it's yet to open an account either in the
        Parliament or the Assembly. That it has gained a few seats in certain panchayats is more
        out of a default thanks to the shenanigans of the CPM-led LDF and the Congress-led UDF.
   (b) The SNDP is the outfit that looks after the interests of the 'Ezhava' community, the largest OBC
         group in the state and hence, commands a wide audience. The LDF and the UDF have a
         sizeable number of the community in each of their alliances which can be weaned away, if the
         SNDP raises a political party, is a tantalising factor.
   (c) The people of the state are already fed up with the governments, alternatively led by the LDF
         and the UDF, that have ruled them over a period of time, for the undermentioned reasons:-

             (i) Governance sacrificed due to infighting among the alliance partners.
            (ii) Both the alliances follow minority appeasement policies, though at a superficial level. In
                  case of the present UDF government, it's common knowledge that the IUML calls the
           (iii) Developmental activities get stymied with each alliance acting against the other's efforts.
           (iv) Politics of murder - finishing off political opponents - has begun to rear its ugly head in
                  certain places.

The Ifs and the Buts!

   (a) The State's BJP unit lacks leaders. Perhaps, O Rajagopal is the only leader who commands
         all round respect. A few prominent figures of the socio-cultural fields are waiting in the wings.
   (b) The SNDP will also have to nurture leaders apart from its President.
   (c) The combine could have successes in the panchayat elections.
   (d) Both the LDF and the UDF have come up with  strident criticism against the 'opportunistic
         and unscrupulous'(?) leadership of the SNDP for deciding to hitch their political fortunes
         with that of the BJP, a 'communal party'. They're, perhaps, afraid of diminishing cadres!

My take.

It seems to be an interesting situation, at least every group will now have to work hard towards the overall development of the state and from that point of view, an alternate alliance other than the LDF and the UDF must be given a chance to rule.


1. The more, the merrier!
2. An interesting slice of history. In '67, Kerala was to blaze the trail of coalition partnerships in the country. It was much tom-tommed then, that corruption would dwindle because each political outfit in the coalition will be an effective counter check to the other and thus, bring about a clean administration. That each constituent of the coalition vied with the other to 'make hay while the sun shines', was the sad experience that the Malayalees have been witness to all these years, instead!

Whether the new alliance is gonna be formidable or just a spoiler will be known as time progresses.

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