Monday, October 5, 2015

Just not cricket and other reactions!

What does one say about a slew of happenings that shouldn't have taken place? React, I must and here I go.

 (a) Just not cricket.

       India was bundled out for a paltry 92 runs off 17.2 overs by the South Africans due to some
       spineless batting. They're put into bat by the South Africans after winning the toss. The second 
       T20 match at the Barabati Cricket Stadium at Cuttack, then, saw the South Africans coasting
       to an easy win when the unruly and unsportsmanlike crowd started throwing water bottles on to 
       the ground. It had begun when the last Indian batsman was dismissed but the police had stopped
       it but when the bottle throwing recommenced when the South Africans were in sight of victory,
       the police had become mere spectators! Sad!!

  (b) The hate jibes.

        The hate talk, subsequent to the Dadri killing, doesn't seem to end. The stupid exchanges
        between Sangeet Som of the BJP and Azam Khan of the Samajwadi party have been crossing
        all limits of propriety and decency. Wonder, why their party leaders do not rein them in and
        take them to task or is it being done with their sneaky connivance?

        What really appalled me was when BJP's Sushil Kumar Modi, in an election rally in Bihar,
        stated that the elections were between the 'beef eaters' and the 'non beef eaters'. Isn't it crass
        and disgusting? And I believe that in our country, there's no law that defines hate speech! Sad!!

   (c) The worried Indian techie?

         Consequent to PM Modi's successful visit to the US Silicon Valley, the Indian techies are 
         apprehensive as to whether the critical portions of his 'Digital India' were being handed over
         to global giants at the expense of the local talent and expertise. I'm sure that their apprehensions
         are misplaced because there is ample space in the Indian horizon for all players. 

         I've always felt that our talent far surpasses any in the world but on home ground, do we've
         a tendency to be under confident or is it that the lure of unimaginable emoluments distract 
         us? Hope I'm wrong but it would not augur well for the country if what I've said is true! Sad!!


The Bihar election juggernaut is reaching the crescendo. The first phase of elections is gonna take place on the 12th.




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