Monday, October 12, 2015

Deplorable and sad!

The Shiv Sainiks have done it again, they blackened the face of Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni, the President of the India-Pakistan think tank, Observer Research Foundation which had organised the launch of the book, "Neither a Hawk nor a Dove: An Insider's Account of Pakistan's Foreign Policy", authored by the former Pakistani Foreign Minister, Mr. Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri.

The Shiv Sena, since its inception, has been on such violent and unacceptable means of agitation unchecked by law. This made the ordinary man wonder as to how this outfit could get away with murder only to sadly, realise that even the law seemed to be a silent spectator of its antics since it was safeguarding(?) the interests of the 'Maratha manoos'! What a flimsy argument?

This latest spectacle should be condemned all round so that it doesn't repeat its hooliganism ever again. Why can't it concentrate on providing good governance to its people, for a change? But the story is the same all over again, no one has condemned the incident - a bunch of pathetically scared people - be it the politicians, the cultural and social bigwigs and the whole lot of folks ever jostling to remain under the spotlight!

After having said that, my only question to Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni is, "What was the great need to organise the launch of a book written by a guy who had not contributed any meaningful idea to improve the relations between the two countries during his reign as that country's Foreign Minister?" I'm sure that when you search your soul you'll get an answer that will awaken you. 

But no, this doesn't mean that I endorse the Shiv Sena's deed.....the least they could do is to tender an unconditional apology to you for having caused you discomfort.

And finally, Chief Minister Fadnavis, why didn't you provide a fool proof security when you're aware of possible disruptions and foul play?

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The Ongoing Beef - Fests in Kerala.

I can't find a suitable answer to the ongoing string of beef fests being organised all over the state that had started off within the premises of a college campus. My doubts are being reproduced in a conversational form, as sent to me on WhatsApp, by a friend of mine. It's not only hilarious but leaves you without answering your fundamental doubt! So, here I go:-

 (a) Why're beef fests being organised?
       Because beef has been banned.
 (b) Where has it been banned?
       In many places.
 (c) When was it banned? has been there from times immemorial. It's there in many states.
 (d) Has beef been banned or cow slaughter?
       Cow slaughter.
 (e) Then why do you say that beef has been banned when buffalo meat and goat's meat can be had?
       Oh,'s for effect....a time pass!
 (f)  Okay, coming back to reality, who'd brought about the ban?
       The Congress.
 (g) Then why is your angst directed at the Sangh Parivaar?
       Er....why don't you ask another question?
 (h) When the Congress had brought about the ban, comrades, did you organise beef fests?
       (It's the students' wing of the communist parties that are the prime movers of the beef fests)
 (j)  Is there a ban on beef in Kerala?
 (k) Has anyone told that beef should not be had?
 (l)  Then, why is it that beef fests are being organised everywhere?
       Er.....that's because
 (m) Er....then, what's your real problem? 's, it's, it', I'm stuck...


* I'd spoken about a misinformation campaign that has been orchestrated, earlier. Its real purpose is        yet to be ascertained.

* The communists have a mortal fear of erosion of their vote banks when the Ezhava community votes enmasse for a BJP-SNDP alliance. Perhaps, the cycle of beef fests is one manifestation of that fear! 

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