Friday, October 23, 2015


As the members of the PN Panicker family started trickling in, the riddle about the hush hush activities, telephonic conversations on the quiet and the short, clipped instructions from Lekha to her team over the last couple of months was beginning to get solved. But thebig surprise was yet to come.

It's Lekha's idea to celebrate my 60th birthday with the family. However, my nephew, Achu and my niece, Ammu, had taken up their professional jobs because of which they'd not be able to be with me on the actual date - which is exactly a month away - and hence fixed the celebrations during the dussehra hols when the family was ganging up at dad's place.

They'd painstakingly made a collage of my activities, thus far - though meagre, to be truthful - through the collection of photographs from the family album. The camera, the net, the what'sapp and surreptitious phone conversations helped pass the information and the data to Ammu, taking minute instructions from Lekha.

Once the entire family had arrived, I was taken blindfolded to the barn which was tastefully decorated with balloons, festoons and pictures. And after the cake was cut, I saw the collage of the photographs beginning with my 90th day snap - the first, after having turned over my tummy! It's clearly a nostalgic walk down memory lane. And here are a few messages handwritten by each member on cards, that bore their mugshots making them personal:-

   Janmadina aasamsakal - amma.
   Happy birthday, early though - Mini
   Undoubtedly, a distinct personality among us.
   I'm proud of him who's the strongest pillar of the
   family. Bests - Rema.
   Lots of love, Raji - Lekha.
   May you remain young at heart always - Achu.
   Happy birthday, mama. Bests - Ammu.

Truly humbling!


1. How do I thank everyone for the kindness?
2. Took the folks for a late night Malayalam movie, which all of them liked, though I wasn't impressed but their happiness was the aim. The car was parked in a precarious position that was crammed. To Achu's delight, I'd let him drive on the return leg.

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