Tuesday, October 27, 2015

These things anger me.

For the last few days, many of the news bytes drawn from different parts of the country make me seethe with anger. When things seem to be coasting well in the overall sense, something or the other - deeply disturbing and perhaps, distorted - screams at you from the headlines making you wonder as to whether there was any sinister design behind the incident. I, suppose, it will get clearer as I go further.

  (a) A Key Witness Changes His Statement in Court and then, Backtracks.

        Chandrabose, the security guard on duty at the entrance of the 'Shobha City' of Thrissur, was
        assaulted by Muhammed Nisham and then run over with his Hummer on 29 Jan, this year. He
        succumbed to his injuries on 16 Feb. The accused has powerful connections. The sensational 
        case is currently on before the Thrissur district additional sessions judge's court.

        The key witness, Anoop, a colleague of the late Chandrabose and part of the same security
        detail who'd seen it all and given a statement accordingly to the police during investigations,
        gave a different version in court, provoking instant outrage, tears from the deceased's mother
        and a sound thrashing - within the court's premises, presumably by Chandrabose's relations.
        Probably, a victim of financial inducements from the accused or even threats. It was disgusting
        and one felt very, very angry about the guy who lacked principles!

        Thankfully, he's come back to endorse his initial statement after an 'agonising night' to quote
        him. Wonder what other surprises are in store during the course of the court's proceedings?

   (b) Police Raid at Kerala House in New Delhi for Beef.

         The Delhi police officials had raided the kitchen of the Kerala House over a complaint that
         cow meat was being served in the canteen based on a complaint from a Vishwa Hindu Parishad
         activist. Naturally, there were immediate reactions from the Malayalees against the trespass.
         The questions that arise are:-

            (a) When complaints of this nature are received, doesn't the police check with the concerned
                  authorities because, rightfully, the government of Kerala is answerable to whatever that
                  happens within the premises.
            (b) Doesn't such raids have a government order backing it? If yes, who gave it?
            (c) The Prime Minister had recently made it quite clear that this country's greatest asset
                  was its 'unity in diversity' making it clear that everyone - irrespective of caste, creed
                  or religion - have the right to live in the country on their own terms.

          And therefore, here comes my queries:-

             (a) Was the raid given the go ahead by a pro-opposition bureaucrat - there is a sizable
                   number of them hell bent on showing the Modi government in poor light - who's
                   no qualms of conscience in bringing about disrepute to this country?
             (b) A highly partisan media, mostly owned by those with leanings towards the opposition,
                   has been highlighting local, at times trivial issues and distorting them out of proportion
                   to paint the government in bad light. Why can't it give Modi the mandatory five years
                   to rule? Or are they scared of his would be achievements in the days to come?
             (c) That disgruntled parties want to rake up issues to influence the outcome of the Bihar
                   Assembly elections has become abundantly clear. This lot even consists of politicians
                   from within the BJP. Can personal animosities take queer, selfish turns at the cost of
                   national interests?

     (c) And it's now the turn of the Artists' Community.

           About 400 members of the community that includes painters, gallerists and curators have
           issued a strongly worded statement against 'growing intolerance' in the country. Thankfully,
           the trend of chucking awards has come to a stop. To the worthies of the artists' community
           the layman's question is, "Why didn't you resort to such symbolisms earlier when grave
           mistakes were committed?" Or is it that you feel orphaned because your benefactors are out
           of power?


Happened to read a nice quote which goes, "You're free to choose but you're not free from the consequences of your choice!"



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