Thursday, October 29, 2015

Some among us can't digest the fact that Modi is our Prime Minister.

1. I'm fairly convinced that there are quite a few among us who've not got over the following facts:-

    (a) Modi, a chaiwalla's son and whose mother did household chores for others to eke out a living,
         has dared to dream and become the PM of this country with a convincing mandate.
    (b) The Congress, who're their benefactors, have been bundled out of power and the party still
          doesn't seem to learn, surmised by the machinations they seem to be working on to get back
          to relevance. Its comeback seems to be highly improbable from the way things stand now.
    (c)  The naysayers who'd predicted mayhem and hate killings between different religions with the
           present government's ascension to power have been witnessing things on the contrary.

2. Since they own and control a sizable section of the press, they've been quick to highlight incidents,
    distort them to unimaginable proportions and in the process, vitiate the atmosphere. Thankfully,
    none of their carefully crafted scripts have had a successful run thus far. Consider these:-

     (a) Initially, the Congress had lamented that the country's foreign policy was headed nowhere,
           since the new PM had no idea about the subject. With Modi conducting a vigorous and hands
           on foreign policy through his personal approach and achieving good, robust relations with
           many countries together with establishing a personal rapport with some of the leaders as well
           as making their industrial/cultural/economic giants to look at India with renewed interest - the            Indians staying in foreign lands continue to endorse the boost that the country's prestige has                acquired due to his visits and interactions - the very same people have come out with the barb
           that the PM has been spending more time abroad!

      (b) The attacks on churches were tom tommed as having been orchestrated by the party in power
            until the investigating agency that had gone through each case found it to be cases that were
            due to local issues and sub sect rivalries that have been long standing.

      (c) The rejection of the National Judicial Appointments Commission by the Supreme Court was
            celebrated by the entire opposition even though each of them, in private, do not agree with the
            existing practice of a Collegium of judges selecting the judges!

      (d) Since they'd the majority in the Rajya Sabha, they blocked two crucial bills which would
            have helped Modi to embark on the long needed reforms the country has been begging for:-
              (i) The GST bill and
             (ii) The Land Acquisition Bill.

      (e) A section of the intellectuals, film makers, historians, artists etc have returned their awards
            to protest the 'climate of intolerance' making one wonder as to why they're silent over earlier
            atrocities. The aspects of political patronage and buying one's awards, strangely, pass 
            through one's mind at this juncture and such awards can be conveniently chucked to gain a 
            moral high point!

      (f) The killing of two dalit children, in Faridabad, has been caused by a fire from within the
           house as per the latest findings of the police investigation, knocking the bottom of the 'Rajputs
           having torched the house' story. The disinformation has played havoc and some politician is
           gonna benefit in the Bihar elections from it! Can people be so dirty and self serving?

3. To be fair to Modi and his party, give them the chance to rule for the five years for which they've been given the mandate by the people of India. If they don't deliver, the electorate will give them their answer but the opposition can also be taken to task for not allowing them to govern!


(a) We, Indians, are class conscious and have a weakness for position and power. Remember the hue and cry raised over the monogrammed suit worn by Modi when he met President Obama(The collective psyche was, "Hey how did a chaiwalla's son have the temerity to wear such a smart suit?")........ Imagine for a minute that it was Rahul Gandhi who'd done it and all of us would have endorsed it with a "He's looking smart in that, after all he can afford it and don't forget the fact that he belongs to the Nehru family."

(b) The fringe Hindu groups and the disgruntled sections of the BJP have given numerous problems by virtue of their actions and utterances. Modi needs to rein them in and crack the whip.

(c) The unfortunate Dadri incident(Wonder whether one has heard the real truth about the incident?) and the continuing fracas over beef are attempts at influencing the results of the Bihar Assembly polls........... It's my fond hope that the culprits are brought to book at the earliest.

And long ago, Chanakya had said, "If there is unrest among intellectuals and criminals, assume that the king is doing right."   ...............something for all of us to ponder!


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