Sunday, October 25, 2015

Simply late.......

The day had begun at 4 as my plan was to kick off from home by 6. But there was a rider to it that Rema would collect mom by that time because we'd a wedding to attend and though mom, too, was invited she'd expressed her reluctance to 'exhibit her infirmity to an unknown crowd!' But things had begun to go's raining heavily since a half past 3 and the driver, Appu, was late to fetch up. After the completion of the activity, we'd gone to Lekha's house where the morning pooja was in progress and therefore, a quick farewell was accomplished.

The highway was clogged with vehicles as people were returning after a long, holiday filled week and the rains made it more cumbersome. Thankfully, the roads were okay as patching up had been done over the potholes. Breakfast was at our usual haunt where I'd a change of dhoti that had got soiled during my numerous outings at the places of visit earlier, through the pitter patter.

We're to reach the Dhanya Resorts, 18 km short of Guruvayur, before 1146h and 1206h which was the muhurtham of my friend's daughter's wedding. But achieving it was even super humanly impossible! To make matters worse, a friend of mine though with the noble intention of helping us, gave us wrong directions to the resort, sending me on a leather hunt. So, we managed to reach the venue of the wedding, about 50 minutes late and that too with the timely intervention of my friend, Sasi and he had instructed the caterers about his late guests and ensured that we'd lunch.

We, thus, got a fairly long time to interact with and bless the newly married couple. Arjun is a Naval officer who's expecting to do Long 'C' next May while Revathy was working, for a firm at Kochi, as a management executive after finishing her MBA. My friends Parameswaran and Ajit, with their wives and Ajit's son were waiting to meet us and it was great interacting with them after a long time. The Parameswarans also took the occasion to invite us for their son's wedding and reception on 13 Dec.

Meanwhile, my sister and gang had already fetched up at 'The Quarterdeck' with mom and we cruised in about half an hour later. They left, after tea, for Palakkad and had reached there around sunset.

The walk was nice and we'd a quiet evening thereafter.

This time I'd clocked 530 km in all and my Chevy is due for its fifth year service on Tuesday.The distance clocked, thus far......56,000 km! By the Geeyem Motors calculations, I should have done 75,000 km by now......a tall order indeed!!


Truly, a hectic week where quite a few pending work could be accomplished. We could also meet almost the entire family and I shan't forget the - albeit early - birthday bash organised by my niece and my nephew.       

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