Saturday, October 24, 2015

A pilgrimage, driving lessons and the break up.

It was a relaxed morning trip to the snake temple of Mannarasala, at Haripad about 70 km from our place. The late night movie show and the driving lessons for Achu had taken their toll and I could wake up only when it was a quarter past 6. By the time we're out of the house, it was 8. The drive to Mannarasala was nice and by the time we'd finished the visit, it was 10. Finding a suitable place for breakfast was tending to be tedious - if the place looked nice, the rest room would be filthy or the parking space inadequate - and we could barely manage to find one by about a half past 10 when we'd traversed the first 10 km of the KP Road!

The breakfast was nice and the coffee, superb!

      *                                *                                  *

Rema got behind the wheel for our onward journey. Wonder why she got flummoxed? Soon I was bawling at her when she made simple mistakes that she called off her efforts after about 10 minutes. Probably, I was too harsh with her because I wanted to see a flawless driving from her. Her mood was off and she said that I was a 'tyrant' as an instructor!

It was Achu's turn thereafter and he was more relaxed requiring less of coaxing. Rema and Lekha had said later that they weren't very comfortable viewing Achu going into close quarter situations with other speeding vehicles/pedestrians! And I let him drive us till home.

Wondered later as to why I was so harsh with my sister! Probably, it's because I want to see her being the best in everything that she did!! She's too cautious while driving and must shed her inhibitions..............sorry sis for being a boor!!!

       *                                *                                 *

Soon, it was tea time followed by break up. Padmakumar, Rema and Achu were the first to leave as they're spending the evening with his family. Sanil and Ammu left a while after to be with his mom and Mini had followed them after hitching a ride in Lekha's auto rickshaw, who was off to the Mahaganapathy kshetram! The house suddenly became quiet after the boisterousness of the past week.


The caretaker had come to give us a rundown about his activities with my mom giving him a patient hearing and handed over the money accrued from the agricultural activity around the house. As he took leave, promising to come in by 6 tomorrow, when we'd planned our departure, he asked wistfully, "Sir, when will you be back next like this?"

And surprisingly, I, was left groping for an answer. With both Achu and Ammu embarking on their professional careers, they'd be getting scarce to the eyes! We can only look forward to their visits when they get their leave!!

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