Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Barbaric! An act that needs condemnation and swift redressal.

58 year old Iqlakh and his son, living in Bisada of the Dadri area in Greater NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh faced a mob fury with fatal results. While the former was lynched to death, the latter is battling for life in a hospital with grievous injuries on the misplaced information that the family was having beef.

It's a truly barbaric act that needs all round condemnation and immediate redressal by rounding up the guilty and subjecting them to the proceedings of a fast court appointed for the purpose!

What's even worse is that the police has sent the meat, kept in the fridge of the house, for forensic investigation to ascertain whether it was beef. And what happens if it were to be beef? Don't the people of this country have the freedom to choose their food? What have we come to? This incident pales the activities of the Taliban and the ISIS!

The run up to the horror:-

  (a) Rumours were spread that the family had slaughtered a cow and had beef.
  (b) The priest was forced to announce that the family had beef, on the temple loudspeaker, by two
  (c) On hearing this, a mob had rushed to Iqlakh's house, vandalised the place, misbehaved with
        the ladies, lynched Iqlakh and grievously injured his son.
  (d) The sad thing was that there were many onlookers and they remained just that, without trying
        to resist the wrongdoers!

The factors that point to mischief:-

   (a) In the past few months there have been attempts to disturb the prevalent communal harmony
         in the area.
   (b) Two cows had died in a 'gaushala' and there were attempts to project the incident as cow 
         slaughter at the time of the disposal of the carcasses and incite people.

The Result.

The Muslims of the area are thinking of migrating from the area! Sad!!

My Take.

Guys who do not understand Hinduism, its all encompassing goodness with the inherent flexibility of accepting the good from all the other religions and tolerance towards faiths are masquerading as its custodians/guardians by brandishing their own narrow interpretations. This cannot be allowed!


India is a great country. Her image cannot be sullied by a handful of narrow minded goons!

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