Thursday, September 24, 2015

A trail of unwanted happenings!

These times shall be singularly remembered for the unfortunate incidents that have taken place around the globe. It's my fond hope that the concerned people take remedial actions that shall preclude repetition of the events ever again.

 (a) Tragedy at the Hajj.

       Lakhs of pilgrims had converged in Mina - 5 km from Mecca - to throw pebbles at one of the
       three walls, symbolising Satan, for the last ritual of the Hajj pilgrimage which officially ends
       on Sunday. Bad crowd control, had resulted in a stampede that brought about the death of over          700 pilgrims and injuring over 800. The prevalent oppressive weather conditions contributed
       to the discomfort of the pilgrims.

       Sadly, it was just a week before, that 100 pilgrims had lost their lives at Mecca due to a crane

       Perhaps, this Hajj pilgrimage will be remembered by the faithful as a 'bloody' event for years
       to come. But wait a minute, there are many who consider death during the pilgrimage as lucky
       with an assured passage to heaven! May their thoughts turn out to be the truth!! 

       My tears and prayers for the departed. 

  (b) Nawaz Sharif's Misplaced Agenda.

        The Pakistani PM's meeting with Kashmiri separatists in New York is only the prelude for him 
        to make a strong(?) statement on Kashmir and warn against India's inclusion in an expanded
        UN Security Council. 

        Meanwhile, Pakistani separatists/displaced persons such as mohajirs, Baloch and Pashtoons
        have planned a demonstration in front of the UN on 30 Sep to protest against:-

                          * human rights violations
                          * extra judicial killings
                          * enforced disappearances and
                          * state sponsored terrorism.

        And what would be your reaction to that, Mr. Prime Minister?

   (c) The Volkswagen Mess.

         Volkswagen has admitted that it deceived US regulators about how much its diesel cars pollute.
         It programmed its cars to detect when they're being tested and alter the readings of the diesel
         engines to conceal their true emissions! 

         Its Chief Executive has already paid the price with his scalp!!

         What a shame for the mighty company?


My sister has come down on a one day trip to be with us. The two of us had gone to the Guruvayur temple, around 2200h, to see 'Avataaram' enacted through the dance form of 'Krishnanaattom'....... a nice experience!


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