Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An utterly wasteful day.

The day had begun, as usual, with an eerie silence as normal life had come to a standstill. There were no vehicles on the otherwise busy highway and shops were shuttered on the daylong - midnight to midnight - strike called by 10 central trade unions against government policies, termed by them, as 'anti-workers'. Let's quickly run through those lapses along with my comments in italics:-

      (a) Changes in labour laws. Many of the existing laws are archaic that demands renewal as per
            the changed circumstances, modernisation and state of the art technology that's simplified
            the degree of difficulty for the workers.
      (b) Privatisation of PSUs. Despite governmental utterances, the progress on this aspect is too
            slow. For example, almost every Indian is looking forward to the privatisation
            of the loss accumulating, national carrier, Air India!
      (c)  Minimum Wages to be pegged at Rs.15,000/-. Rationalisation of wages is a must but
             the attendant responsibility of the labourer to shed his hostility towards his customers is a
      (d) Arrest rise in prices. The less said the better, for example, just follow the price of onions over
            the last month. I must confess that I see a conspiracy on this aspect to show the Modi 
            government in poor light by its opponents!
      (e) Reduce unemployment. A valid point which should find a solution with more investments
            by firms towards all round development.
      (f)  Strict Implementation of Labour Laws. Has there been any dilution in their enforcement?
            If affirmative, it needs to be avoided.
      (g) No Legal Amendments Permissible. To fine tune a particular law, amendments are a must!
      (h) Abandon disinvestment. Many of the PSUs are loss making and disinvestment is a viable
      (j) Social Security for all Workers. A desirable point but does the government have the                          resources to pull it off?

The BMS, the trade union with its affiliation to the BJP, had stayed away from the strike call.

The Results.

The total loss suffered by the country in economic terms is around Rs.25,000/- crores due to lack of productivity!

And consider these, which can never be quantified:-

     (a) The railways were exempted but the taxis, buses and autorickshaws didn't ply off the railway
           stations making travel weary passengers stay at the platform, many a time, with nothing to
           eat or drink. The Thrissur Railway Station proved to be an exception with all the utility 
           services deciding to work as though it's a normal day!
     (b) People requiring medical assistance had difficulty in reaching their destinations.
     (c) Eateries were shut forcing pilgrims to go hungry for long hours and consequently be                            dependent on temple offerings.
     (d) Fear psychosis existed among many to take their vehicles out fearing backlash by unruly

I guess one can go on and on. The story is the same and the same old, miserable story continues!


One doesn't know how to react to Gurudas Dasgupta's statement post strike, "The strike was hugely successful". You put your countrymen through untold misery and claim success. What a tragedy? Do you have a heart, Mr. Dasgupta?

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