Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The return leg - Thalavoor to Guruvayur.

The alarm set off at a half past 4 and we woke up mom at 5. The morning chores were gone through and we set off from Raj Nivas at 7. I'd taken the route via Pathanapuram, this time and by a half past 8, we'd driven into the Kalpakavadi Restaurant whose Appam and egg curry was a favourite for all the three of us.

After the timely break, the journey was smooth and uneventful. The major choke points viz. the town of Alappuzha, Kundannoor, Vyttila, Idappalli and Aluva were open with flowing traffic that we fetched up at the Saravana Bhavan, at the Paaliyekkara toll, for lunch on the dot. Before leaving, I'd called up the Geeyem Motors confirming our arrival to fix up the broken rear view mirror. There was a half hour's delay as the item, that was couriered by their Ernakulam branch, had to be taken on charge so that the billing process could be completed!

The next wait - again for about half an hour - was at the dry cleaners, where I'd to take the delivery of three sets of clothes because of the onam holidays and our frequent moves out of Guruvayur, over the past few weeks. Sure enough there was a mismatch on one set which, of course, was sorted out without any problem! And by the time we reached 'The Quarterdeck', it was 4.

I went for my evening walk at the usual time and was able to scramble home much before the rains fell. Felt refreshed after the exercises as the last four days were full of travel and no exercises! Even mom could be given her evening walk as I didn't want her to feel travel weary.

It was a spate of telephone calls in the evening to report our safe arrival at Guruvayur and the updation of our recent activities to friends and relatives. The journey was simply wonderful!


(a) The total distance covered during the period was 889.6 kms!
(b) A beautiful message received during the journey said and I quote, "We're not human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience, we're spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience....."
(c) The money spent on the 'Left hand mirror episode' was Rs.4,863, out of which, the component of 863 was the cost of my car's new mirror!                        

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