Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why the haste?

The  news that one had to save messages, chats etc for 90 days and offer them for governmental scrutiny - presumably, on grounds of security - that had come out yesterday, was a dampener. Why did the government act in haste? While appreciating the fact that cyber crimes are on the rise and the medium is being misused by miscreants there's an urgent need to keep this medium sanitised and free of misuse - a task, easier said than done!

Therefore, while the government's eagerness to lay down a comprehensive law regarding its usage is well understood - as one of its well wishers - I feel let down when they bring out something only to backtrack almost instantly, as it has been in this case. It points to three factors:-

      (a) Because of being too eager to bring in something, the subject is given the short shrift without
           an in depth study of each and every aspect.
      (b) Any law must answer the three basic questions - Is it implementable? Does it cover all
            conceivable permutations & combinations towards implementation? And lastly, is it
            flexible enough to be acceptable across the entire section of population for which it's
            intended? Were these overlooked?
      (c) And finally, can the implementation be monitored without any loophole? Wasn't it thought

The tremendous backlash by almost the entire population coupled with negative reactions on the social media must have forced the government to rescind the 'draft encryption policy'. And I must congratulate it for bowing to the majority thinking without taking it as an ego issue, a step not normally adopted by many in power(In this context, while this government has shown tremendous maturity and flexibility on issues like the Land Acquisition Bill and the Encryption Bill, I still can't understand its continued mulishness on the Gajendra Chauhan vs. FTII issue or does it show the difference in class between Ravishankar Prasad and Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore - the ministers that head the two ministries?)

While adequate safeguards are a must on cyber usage to prevent its misuse, the freedom to use it must remain with every citizen due to him/her with all its attendant privacy, to the extent feasible!


We're on the threshold of momentous happenings and on a sure path to becoming a super power. Mera Bharath Mahaan!


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