Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's happening?

Depressing scenes from Syria, showing civilians suffering from chemical warfare, have been beamed by most of the channels. Small children have been worst hit. Sadly, the medical resources aren't adequate enough to meet the rising demands. Meanwhile, the tussle for supremacy is on between Assad's forces, the rebels and the IS - one can't imagine the plight of the people who come within the crossfire.

Meanwhile, the steady stream of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan continue to knock on the doors of Europe. It's an unending, heavy flow in search of peace, prosperity and decent living. But will the citizens of the host nations take to them kindly, knowing fully well that they'll have to share their resources with them?

The European leadership has begun to address the issue by agreeing to take in the refugees in a phased manner. But the details vis-a-vis the actual numbers etc. need to evolve and till such time that's reached, the problem is gonna be live.

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The ban on eating meat has spread to two more states viz. Rajasthan and J&K. How effective it's gonna be, needs to be seen especially when in Maharashtra, the Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray's MNS have decided to defy the ban. Paradoxical, because BJP seems to have taken a leaf out of their past tactics and they seem to be against it!

Petty politics trying to define as to what the people should eat. Can we hit anything lower than this?

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The next few weeks are gonna witness yet another round of games played by the political parties in battleground Bihar. It would be interesting to know the outcome! Wish one had the crystal ball though one survey says that Nitish's alliance is gonna come back to power. But can such a contradicting set of partners last long together?


Tomorrow's an early day when we head to Ernakulam for Lekha's medical review and the day is action packed!    

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