Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Interesting happenings around the globe.

News abound about interesting happenings all around the globe. Some fascinate me and a few others make me curious but all the same, they never fail to excite me. Let me go through a few:-

 (a) Receding Seas.

       Early in the morning, at the break of dawn really, a strange phenomenon was witnessed by the
       coastal population of Punnapra in Alappuzha district. The sea, over a stretch of almost 1 km, had
       receded by almost a quarter of a kilometer baring slush that made it difficult for fishing boats              with their catch to come to hard ground. For many, it reminded them of the post-tsunami
       situation creating a short term panic. Scientists have reached the site to study the phenomenon.

       Quite hard to believe, especially against the backdrop of a recent report that the sea levels have
       risen by 3" over the last decade amid fears of certain islands being gobbled up by the sea, thanks
       to the phenomenon. Nearest to us is the case of a few islands of the Maldivian archipelago!

   (b) The Syrian Refugees.

         Hundreds of angry migrants demonstrated outside Budapest's shuttered Eastern Railway
         Terminus, demanding that the station be reopened and they be allowed to travel on to Germany.
         In recent times, many refugees from Syria have been trying to migrate into Europe!

         The apprehensions of the European countries are understandable because:-

             (a) there's already a sizeable Muslim population in many of the European countries like
                   France, Germany etc and the respective governments have been grappling with the
                   demands of the group, which emanate from being 'religion specific' like being allowed
                   to wear scarves to allotting time for worship during office hours etc.
             (b) the demographic transformation has been stark that soon, some of these countries will
                   have a Muslim dominant society.

          A precarious situation, the plight of the refugees notwithstanding!

    (c) Diabetes through Antibiotics!

          According to a latest study on the subject, it's becoming increasingly clear that the                               indiscriminate use of antibiotics can result in developing Type 2 Diabetes. It goes by the
          argument that the bacteria present in the gut have a connection with the use of antibiotics.
          Excessive use of such medicines can produce imbalance in the gut leading to metabolic

          Even irrational prescription of antibiotics, for cure, by the doctors has now come under the
          WHO's scanner!!


India has done it. It has won the third cricket test at Colombo and in the process, the series and the rubber! A feat after 22 years!! Cheers!!!

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