Monday, September 21, 2015

Mom's fall but thankfully, no mishap.

I'd just returned from my morning walk and was watering the plants on the balcony of the house when I heard a loud thump on the door from my mom's bathroom. She called for me soon after and when I reached there I found her sprawled on the floor - she was in the course of finishing her bath.

Mom uses Ayurvedic oils for her aches and pains and I guess it was the deadly combination of oils and soap that saw her take a misstep and fall. I could lift her up and she continued with her bath as though nothing had happened. I was thankful to God that nothing untoward had happened and felt guilty of the fact that the bathroom did not have a bath mat. Lekha had gone to the market and fetched a couple of bath mats, in the afternoon.

A dicey situation that ended in a whimper. My mom's stars saw her through!

         *                                               *                                                    *

Majo, the service engineer from Faber India knocked on the door at 1430h to attend to the cooking range complaint that we'd reported a couple of days back. Sarath, the familiar guy from the company who'd tended the range, thus far, was conspicuous by his absence and on query, came to know that he'd joined another firm covering similar aspects. Probably, the moolah was better there?

The new guy was equally meticulous and quick in his work. His demeanour was good and it didn't take long for endearing himself to us with his conduct overall.

          *                                               *                                                    *

The scavengers, from the Municipality, have not been regular in their visits during the month. Since the wet waste is used up in the backyard as manure, we don't have the problem of crows tearing up the wrapped up dry waste, awaiting disposal.

Their irregular visits, however, need to be addressed!

          *                                               *                                                    *

A pause in the rains has raised the overall temperatures. And come to think of it, the Met department had predicted a wet fortnight!


Two instances of unacceptable apathy among people as reported by Times Now, this evening:-

     (a) In Katni, Madhya Pradesh, 45 year old Latori Lal was buried alive in a pothole by the road
           repair workers. Molten bitumen was poured over him, obviously unseen/unobserved by the
           workers in the vicinity. Just can't believe that nobody saw the hapless man!
     (b) In Bangalore, 25 year old Stuthi was thrown off her scooter having hit a huge pothole and
           died of serious head injuries. When questioned about who needed to accept responsibility
           for the unfortunate incident, an insensitive BDA Commissioner replies that all roads are bad!

Can we be so callous?


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