Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To the service station.

I was toying with the idea as to when I should take the Chevy to the service station to fix the rear view mirror that had worked out loose during the trip to Tirur, last week. Actually, the following apprehensions held me back from taking a firm decision over the last few days:-

   (a) We're slated to go to Ernakulam on 10 Sep in the run up to Lekha's medical review. I could
         have it fixed enroute, because the process shouldn't take more than five minutes.
   (b) It's been raining almost continuously and I didn't want the water to seep into the innards of the
         mirror holder, resulting in the electrical system getting to be erratic.
   (c) The tricky maneuver from our lane to the highway has always been a dampener due to the
         vehicles charging at prohibitive speeds and they get to be visible only at the end which leaves
         no room to pull out. This plays at the back of my mind because my neighbour had a bad                      instance when a bike guy had rammed into his car with all the force, a few months back! The
         local police guy was convinced of our demand that either a speed breaker or a convex mirror on
         the opposite wall, could lick the problem but as all such requirements are concerned, the inertia
         continues without remedy.

Finally, I decided to go there this afternoon and had the problem sorted out. I must admit that the fear of the glass falling off still lingers....can't help it, though Manilal, the mechanic guaranteed that it wouldn't! I was back home by tea time. In the process, I could put in fuel and check tyre pressure.

         *                                         *                                           *

Earlier in the day, I'd confirmed about our attendance to a lunch with the veterans this Sunday. The organiser - a school mate of mine was thrilled, because my neighbour had also confirmed about his participation soon after. Something deep within me told me that I might have to change the decision, wonder why? And sure enough, the reason presented itself by evening.

It's the 70th anniversary of the Kerala Library Movement. PN Panicker had organised the first meeting of the 47 rural libraries - calling it the 'Thiruvithaankoor(Travancore) Grandhasala Sangham' - in these days of 1945 with the then Diwan of Travancore, Sir CP Ramaswamy Aiyer presiding over the gala event. To commemorate the occasion, there's a meeting that's being organised, this Sunday, at the library close to my dad's house which was set up in the presence of both my grandfathers and as mom says, that had eventually paved the way for her marriage with dad!

The invitation was accepted. I've the unpleasant task of regretting my decision on the Sunday lunch tomorrow morning!


It means, that after Lekha's review by her doctor on the 11th, we make a dash for Palakkad early morning on 12th, pick up mom and then, head for dad's house. I shall be behind the wheel for over 500 kms, phew!


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