Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A rewind of sad memories!

1. Note. I've changed the actual names of the characters that appear in this true story to keep their identities protected.

2. Background.

    Raj and Ragini were madly in love with each other and they're first cousins - Ragini's dad was
    Raj's mom's brother. Their marriage took place at Thiruvananthapuram on 30 Dec '07 with great
    pomp and show and we'd attended that event. I remember Ragini, telling us in passing then, that
    her folks were initially against the relationship and it took a lot of convincing on her part to bring
    about the fairy tale ending!

    Both were commissioned officers in the defence forces, though in different services. Their life
    together had begun well and they're soon blessed with a baby girl. Three years into this idyllic 
    situation, on a Sunday when the house had her parents, her 'sahayak' and the domestic help,
    Raj took his life!

3. This morning, she'd called us to say that she and her family - her mom, elder sister, her husband and son along with her daughter - had finished their 'darshan' of Guruvayoorappan and would like to drop by.

4. Her daughter, Ananya and all of five years is a lovely little girl who's outgoing and friendly. The family was very keen to unload their pain and I let them do it. Actually, there was no communication with them ever since the unfortunate incident and I'd respected their privacy. His superior had informed me, then, that Raj was disgusted with life as he'd missed a deputation abroad for a prestigious course. It took me by surprise because I thought that Raj was a happy-go-lucky guy.

5. The story that came from the family had the following salient points:-

    (a) Raj was quite an introvert and while at home, generally kept to himself. At times, he even
          used to lock up his door while doing his work.
    (b) Ragini was an out and out extrovert - she seems to have changed and looks quite unsure of
          herself. The shock is yet to wear off, I presume! - and it was for this singular reason that her
          folks weren't quite enthusiastic about their marriage, initially, but gave in finally to her
    (c) There were times when he'd threatened suicide - not once, but more than once!
    (d) She, still, doesn't know as to what had triggered his unfortunate end.


1. Wonder how Raj could think of going away when he'd sired such a cute daughter?
2. Time, I'm sure, will heal the wound. Ragini must endeavour to start afresh. She's currently posted in the north east and is left with three more years in service!

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