Sunday, September 6, 2015

A fast moving Sunday.

My sister decided to descend upon us this morning and in the process, improve her driving prowess. They'd reached here by a half past 10. The interaction was interesting, as usual and we're brought abreast with the news from back home, where she'd gone to spend the onam break. Padmakumar's mom had sent us her trademark 'banana chips' along with a bunch of bananas from the compound of our ancestral house.

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Mom packed her small bag to go along with my sister, to save me from a trip all the way to Palakkad on 10 Sep, before we proceed to Ernakulam to meet up with Lekha's doctor for her review. We'll bring her back on our return on the 12th. My mom and the mother of my sister's neighbour are good friends, who happens to be there currently and their interactions would offset mom's oft repeated complaint that she doesn't have a suitable person to converse with, albeit for a short while!

They're off by 1600h, to Palakkad and could reach their destination around sunset.

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Pat and Joyce, my friends from Bombay, had arrived on the dot at Kochi and Radhakrishnan, had brought them to the hotel - at the west 'nada' of the Guruvayur temple - where they'd done their bookings online, much earlier. Narayanan, my friend and I'd taken the couple around the temple and helped the lady weigh herself against dates according to a vow that she'd kept. After visiting the Mammiyoor Siva temple enroute, they're brought to 'The Quarterdeck' for interaction over a light supper.

The catching up did take up a couple of hours before they returned to their hotel for the night. Tomorrow morning, they'd be off for Kochi after a visit to the 'Vadakkunnathan' at Thrissur.

They reiterated that this was the best visit to Guruvayur till date. Felt thoroughly satisfied!


The house suddenly has become sort of empty with mom's movement to Palakkad.    

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