Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My observations on the news from here and there.

News, news and more news. Am befuddled by some of the happenings that are being reported/have been reported! My biggest query is that governments that should be concentrating on enacting good laws to administer, are often doing things that are best left alone. Without much ado, therefore, let's go ahead:-

  (a) Meat ban in Bombay.

        Residents of Mira Road and Bhayander of Bombay's northern suburbs will have to go without
        meat for eight days during the Jain fasting period of Paryushan, this month. Interestingly, the
        Jain Swetambaras will fast from 11-18 Sep while the Jain Digambaras will do so from 18-27th.
        And the following are worth remembering:-

               (i) Out of the region's population of 8.5 lakhs, 1.25 lakhs are Jains.
              (ii) BJP was catapulted to power in the Mira Road-Bhayander Corporation based on their
                    promise of banning sale of meat and slaughter of animals during the fasting period.
             (iii) Its partner in power, the Shiv Sena, meanwhile opposes the ban along with the                                     opposition but to no avail.
             (iv) A state government resolution of '07 backs a ban on meat for two days.

        Why should the people's option of eating become a 'tamasha' to score political brownie

     (b) IS Fighters seize last major Syrian Oilfield.

           Jazal, a medium sized oilfield that holds Syria's main natural gas fields and multi-million
           dollar extraction facilities have fallen to the IS fighters. With this, the last of the Syrian
           government controlled oilfields have fallen to the enemy.

           With the IS gaining control of large swathes of land in Africa, flush with resources, it's
           gonna be a dangerous situation. With the refugees - all able bodied men and women along
           with their children - taking flight to Europe and elsewhere, the region has literally been
           handed over to these cruel set of people, on a platter.

           Wonder what's happening to the aerial assaults by the allied forces against the IS? Meanwhile,
           news about destruction of a Yemeni port by the Saudi-led alliance has hit headlines.

      (c) The Pope's Reforms.

            Pope Francis has reformed the Roman Catholic Church's cumbersome marriage annulment
            procedures in yet another sign of being practical and moving ahead with the times. It was
            through a written document by the Pope, himself, known as Motu Proprio - in Latin,                           meaning, by his own initiative.

            The new procedure follows the Pope's appointment of an 11-member commission of lawyers
            and theologians to propose reform of the process that was set up last September.


The Congress has once again come out with its cliched arguments of the PM's inability of bringing in reforms and thereby labeling him a 'hawa baaz', for not having fulfilled his poll promises. But it doesn't realise that the people have been watching the Rahul Gandhi way of non co-operation on the following:-

        (a) The GST Bill.
        (b) The Land Acquisition Bill - the Modi govt has, however, smartly let it lapse after the last

It's one's fond hope that such disruptive tactics doesn't sound its own death knell, in the long run!

But the Modi government has also not come clean on the OROP issue. It must swiftly take decisive action to reduce differences with the veterans or else will have to, eventually, face its backlash!        

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