Sunday, September 20, 2015

Playing the Devil's advocate.

Was aghast at some of the happenings and couldn't help come up with my own doubts. Probably I'm wrong - and I sincerely hope that I'm - but I must confess to having these queries. Without much ado, here I go.

  (a) The Tennis Fiasco.

        The world group playoff between the Czech Republic and India ended up 3-1, in favour of the
        Czechs as the final reverse rubber was called off because its outcome was inconsequential and
        the weather was hot! Tennis experts say that the doubles pair of Paes-Bopanna's loss in their
        game - despite being favourites - handed over the Czechs the victory. It means, for India, it's
        back to the grind of the Asia-Oceania Group 1.

        There was an innocuous report a couple of days back wherein, Bopanna seems to have stated
        that it was up to Sania Mirza to decide as to whom she'd like to pair with in the mixed doubles
        for the country in the forthcoming Olympics - the toss up being between him and Paes. With
        petty feuds prevalent, how can it prevent an outsider, like me, to wonder as to whether there was         any chance of harmony between them, when they played together? Sad!

  (b) The Craze about Salon Visits.

        Lakme Lever, has reiterated that the chain is expanding @ 2 salons per week. This has been
        made possible by increasing exposure, more social occasions and higher disposable incomes
        leading to an increase in frequency of visits to salons. And the consumers expect something new
        with every visit. Incidentally, hair care market forms a large part of grooming consumption in

        Trends show that there's a tendency of experimentation on hairstyles and nails!

        One must, while carrying out parental duties, be prepared to have one's child sporting a pink
        hairstyle and long nails in the not-too-distant future!

  (c) No Sleeper Tickets Across the Counter.

       There was this beautiful system that was practised by the Railways in Kerala and perhaps, all
       across the country. To do an unscheduled travel, a passenger could buy a sleeper class ticket
       and travel in a reserved compartment during daytime. It avoided one's entry into the heavily
       packed unreserved compartments! This system has been given the go by but interestingly,
       even in the railways there seems to be a difference in opinion in the matter. The DRM, Palakkad
       has already begun implementing the order, while his counterpart at Thiruvananthapuram is yet
       to do so. The backlash from the regular commuters has been swift! The reason for introducing
       this change? ..........To safeguard(?) the rights of the reserved passengers

       Why's the railways hellbent on reducing their earnings? Is it trying to encourage ticketless
       travel that's quite rampant in certain stretches of Bihar and UP?


Trends are a changing! Are they for the good, only time will tell.

The railways have since rescinded the order in Kerala!


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