Saturday, September 12, 2015

Leg 2 - Kochi to Guruvayur via Palakkad.

It was a comparatively late morning from what it was yesterday. The chores were gone through, farewells made and this time, Ramakrishnan's mom just gave us a hard look and that's that! Probably, she was more occupied with her breakfast of oats beaten with fruits! And we left by 9, to look up Sidharth, who'd recently undergone an open heart bypass surgery.

Boy, weren't I glad to meet him? I'd been monitoring his progress from Meera, his wife. Not knowing what to do, we hugged each other tight and I could barely manage to get these words out of my mouth, "Old chap, you're out to put us on tenterhooks, huh?" But it was really great to see him and I think, he too expressed similar sentiments! He, then, went on to explain regarding the run up to his hospitalisation and the surgery, in graphic detail. Every happening just fell into place as I could make it out to be.

We took off for Palakkad by a quarter past 10 and except for about a wait of almost half an hour at the Idapalli junction, the journey was uneventful and smooth. We reached my sister's house by lunch time, had a quick bite of what she'd made for us before trotting off to school in the morning. Mom was excited and she kept narrating her experiences of the past week. I'd my forty winks and by a half past 2, we're off to Guruvayur after slipping the house keys into one of the shoes, neatly arranged on the rack outside her house!

Again, the journey was quiet and we're back at 'The Quarterdeck' by teatime. Meanwhile, I'd the Chevy topped up and the tyre pressure checked before giving her a nice wash in preparation for the early morning get away tomorrow. The evening walk was a godsend when I could relax and do sundry purchases.

Meanwhile, we're informed that things were done up at my dad's house for our stay. The programme for the 14th was explained by the organisers. Well, recalling a 70 year old event in which my grandfather was the prime mover, is really gonna be great! And from what I gather from various sources, the state is getting ready to celebrate the occasion in a big way!!


Have told mom and Lekha that I wasn't going to insist on a 6 o'clock get away as I do usually, to ensure that they've rested well, after today's journey. Probably, we'll hit the road by 7!

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