Saturday, September 19, 2015

Interesting happenings.

Everyday brings about unimaginable incidents to the fore. Happenings that couldn't be conceived or dreamt about earlier, are taking place with a remarkable regularity. Can we safely surmise that these are the emerging trends that are irreversible or are they just a one time wonder? Let's visit a few of them here:-

 (a) Woman power.

       In the hilly district of Munnar, a quiet revolution of sorts was brewing over ten days. The
       womenfolk working in the tea estates - disgusted with the empty promises of the managements
       and the two timing maneuvers of the trade unions, for years - decided to take matters into their
       hands and had gone on an agitation asking for their rights of increased wages and connected
       perks. The main highway was blocked and their demands were put across forcibly through a
       well orchestrated media coverage.

       Throughout the period of agitation, the striking women ensured that no political party or trade
       union joined up with them and take credit for the outcome. Their insistence was upon the Chief
       Minister's indulgence in brokering a deal with the concerned parties which is what eventually
       happened, much to the consternation of the trade unions and the political parties who're still
       trying to rework a strategy to regain lost ground! Meanwhile the women group has planned to
       form their own trade union, tomorrow.

       Viva woman power!

  (b) The Papal visit to Cuba and the US.

        After brokering the thaw in US - Cuban animosity, of the last fifty years, Pope Francis is on a
        maiden visit to these two countries. He's scheduled to meet up with the ailing revolutionary,
        Fidel Castro before he flies off to the US on Tuesday. The Pope's official engagements during
        the visit would be his address to the joint session of the American parliament followed up with
        another address to the UN General Assembly, in addition to his religious engagements!

  (c) The Split in the Community on Terror Issue.

        Two factions of Sunnis, two groups of Mujahids and representatives of the Indian Union
        Muslim League had boycotted the campaign against the Islamic State(IS), organised by the
        Jamaat-e-Islami at Kozhikode exposing the fissures among Kerala's Muslim community on
        fighting terrorism. The state has recently become weary of growing IS influence among its
        youth, especially those working abroad in the Gulf region!

        It's my fervent appeal to the right thinking people of all religious communities to come out
        strongly against terrorism and the convoluted views of the fringe groups of their communities.
        Silence on the matter will be suicidal and one'd never be able to pardon oneself if the curse
        gains an upper hand!


Rahul Gandhi and his script writers for the Bihar election, don't seem to have learnt from their past mistakes. His 'suit-boot ka sarkar' comment against the backdrop of the dropped Land Acquisition Ordinance is gonna fall flat. Why doesn't he announce concrete programmes for the rejuvenation of Bihar if his party's voted to power, to counter Modi's increasing popularity? Will these guys ever learn?


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