Friday, September 4, 2015

A quiet day.

I was determined to recommence my morning walk, now that Lekha has regained her health and can move around. But the inertia had set in because it's been a long break since 20 May and I was utterly lazy to get up in the mornings. Last night, I'd told myself rather firmly, "Look Rajeev, you've had your fun and it's begun to show on your overall hulk. So, get cracking tomorrow morning itself."

The words seemed to have a sobering effect and I was up at 5 to go through my chores. The morning air was cool and crisp and as I passed along, there were a few who finally looked satisfied to see me on my regular circuit, because they said it in so many words. A few others gave me that knowing smile and there were others, still, who whispered to one another,

For me, it was plain happiness that I could finally let go off my inertia and was back on to healthy trends! Mom and Lekha were happy, too!!

       *                                              *                                               *

Mujib, the air conditioner mechanic, came in promptly at 1 after his lunch. He'd come because I'd launched a complaint that the air conditioner's voltage stabilizer had got burnt. About 10 days back, we're woken up in the middle of the night, with thick black, pungent smoke emanating from the stabilizer.

Without hesitation, he replaced the existing one with a new machine and thankfully, it's begun working well. I was surprised that he didn't even check as to what was wrong with the machine and when I asked him about it, replied, "Sir, I know that people like you will never report falsehoods because you mean business and respect people like us. It's my pleasure."

My doubt persisted as to why would anyone call up the service providers and provide falsehoods. Isn't it a waste of time when you've too many people coming in and going out of one's house under some pretext or the other? And moreover, what kicks do one get by reporting fictitious defects? I didn't ask Mujib these and decided to keep them to myself!

And I came to know that I was a valuable(?) customer to the company! Well!!

       *                                             *                                               *

I'd gone to collect a telephone unit that I'd given to the showroom, which had sold me the item a couple of years back, for repairs. While handing over the unit, I'd insisted that if the repair charges turned out to be steep and buying a new unit was a smarter option, they shouldn't hesitate to tell me. The unit had a problem that could be licked and that too, for a song. While taking its delivery, I learnt a few technical information which were:-

     (a) The ring tone of a telephone unit, with caller ID facility, will always be of low decibels.
     (b) To identify the caller, it's a must that the date and time are corrected periodically.

Probably, everyone knows and I took all this while to understand!

The return was by an auto rickshaw, driven by a guy called Abhilash. A very decent guy, I must say!


Tomorrow, is gonna be a long day. We've a wedding to attend at Kozhikode!  

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