Friday, September 25, 2015

Pakistan continues to be in a time warp.

Ever since Independence, whenever leaders of the world conglomerated at the UN, Pakistan used to project itself as an aggrieved party in India-Pakistan relations. India's aggressiveness, the Kashmir issue - tried to convert it to its advantage because of the then Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru's statesmanlike offer of going for a UN observed referendum among the Kashmiris to determine which country they'd like to be with (That J&K wanted to be with India was a known fact and Pakistan, consequently was opposed to it and ensured that it didn't happen) - and in recent times, giving silly excuses to cover up the terrorist activities, sponsored by it, in Jammu & Kashmir.

That it was able to garner some of the world attention, earlier, was because of the then prevalent international situation. Many a time it bothered every Indian as to why we're so reactive and Pakistan-centric. But things have changed, firstly, the world order by itself and secondly, the great strides India has achieved in many fields that it has become an economic power that's being wooed by many of the developed countries.

With PM Modi's ascension to power, the thrust has been to project India as a land of economic opportunities so as to attract as many foreign investors as possible aimed at infrastructural build up, availability of state-of-the-art technology, tremendous employment other words, to secure a climate for all round development wherein petty issues on the basis of caste and religion will ultimately recede into insignificance.

And in this calculus, Pakistan figures nowhere, which is what is hurting that country and its leaders. That it was whipping up its hyphenation with India - by many of the developed nations beginning with the US - to stay relevant in international affairs was a known fact. But by the signing of the Indo-US nuclear agreement and the subsequent happenings, everything had begun to change!

Realising its increasing irrelevance, see what it has scripted today. Its UN representative, Ms. Maleeha Lodhi has dropped the bombshell of 'the great wall that India is building along the LoC' - which is illegal as it is in disputed(?) territory! Now, how will that country pull it off before being trashed as circulating a false and malicious propaganda? The question is, who has scripted this pantomime - PM Nawaz Sharif and his political affiliations or the GHQ of the Pakistan Defence Forces?

Feel bad for the average Pakistani citizen - his political and military leadership are continuing to build up their nuclear arsenal at great costs on an anti-India sentiment which should have rightfully been used for his welfare and well being!


The urgent requirement for Pakistan is to revive its economy that's in dire straits. For a change, why can't it shed its 'India-hatred' and concentrate on its own survival?

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