Monday, September 7, 2015

A comedy of errors!

The day had begun with rains, almost giving an impression that the weather god was making up for the lack of rains and the soaring heat of the past fortnight or so. It was through a light drizzle that we drove up to the nearby hospital for giving Lekha's blood and urine samples in preparation for the review by her doctor, later in the week. Since the right rear view mirror had worked out loose during our trip to Tirur, last Tuesday, it was stowed within the vehicle and to avoid the rains from wetting the innards of the 'mirror holder', I'd neatly covered the entire unit with a polythene bag and put a rubber band around it to hold it in position. No sooner had we taken off and after tiding over the tricky initial maneuver of guiding the Chevy from our lane onto the highway, a quick glance at the rear view mirror holder made me realise that the plastic cover had long blown off and it was shipping in the raindrops.

       *                                       *                                             *

We're at the laboratory well in time. The initial registration, paying up the money and the drawing of the blood samples had progressed without much of a problem though the sister, smilingly, made two attempts before getting the right vein and consequently, drew the right amount that was required. Lekha'd, then, gone around to collect her urine sample. After a while I saw her coming out of the rest room, utterly dejected and on inquiry, realised that she'd dropped the sample while trying to secure the crucible with the stopper.

So, we'd to return home and an hour later I'd deposited another sample and had to make a second trip to the hospital in the bargain.

       *                                        *                                            *

I'd gone to the town for doing the routine, mundane jobs like handing over the clothes to the dry cleaners, the usual bank jobs and paying of bills. To make it look natural, I'd leave my pouch in the rickshaw itself - I usually avoid taking my car to the town unless there're quite a few things that I've to buy and their stowage in the boot is easier as the problem of parking is acute - and on one such errand, dropped my cellphone in the vehicle. Soon after, I'd seen off the rick, there was a call on my phone and the good guy that he was, Mohan, retraced his way to hand over the instrument. Damn sweet of him!

        *                                       *                                           *

The messenger, armed with Lekha's results, had gone and handed over the folder to my neighbour - and the owner of the hospital - due to a faulty communication. I was taken aback when he'd called me around teatime to say that I needn't worry because the results were okay. He, then, had sent the report through one of his boys.


The rains, thankfully, have brought the temperatures down and though it prevented my morning walk, I could go out during the evening and make up for the lost opportunity.


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